Joy for Royal Portrush and Bangor ladies in Ulster Senior Cup and Plate

Joy for Royal Portrush and Bangor ladies in Ulster Senior Cup and Plate
The ladies of Royal Portrush were the 2016 Senior Cup winners in Ulster

The ladies of Royal Portrush were the 2016 Senior Cup winners in Ulster

Royal Portrush claimed the Ulster title in the Senior Cup with a clear cut 4-1 win over Clandeboye at Malone

Royal Portrush fielded four of the team that beat Malone 4.5-0.5 in the semifinals with Emma Forbes replacing Helen Jones against a Clandeboye team that remained unchanged following their 3.5-0.5 win over Belvoir Park, 

The experienced Naoimh Quigg’s  4 and 3 win over Caroline Adams was soon followed by Jessica Ross’s 2 up win over Lucy Simpson. 

The score remained at one game each until Emma Forbe’s 4 and 3 victory over Sonia Hopley gave Royal Portrush the lead again.

All eyes were on the second and fourth matches as both teams battled for a place at the National Final in Greystones in August.

News of Hannah Henderson’s 2 and 1 win over Brooke Hopley had not filtered back to the 18 green before the indomitable Gemma McClenaghan halved the hole to claim her match against Nikki Currie 1 up.

On the first day of the Championship, the early morning rain eventually gave way to bright sunshine. 

In the preliminary round, Royal Belfast beat Bangor 4-1 as Victoria Craig, Marilyn Henderson and Alex Barnes secured the three matches necessary to secure their place in the next round. 

Shandon Park beat Ballycastle 3-2 thanks to win for Jenny Young, Helen McCarthy and Diane Conway as Belvoir Park defeated Holywood 4-1.

In the first of the matches involving the seeded teams, Malone caused a major upset when they claimed a 3.5-1.5 victory over Lurgan. 

A five under par effort by Louise Coffey gave her an 8 and 7 win over international Niamh McSherry and while the balance was redressed with Annabel Wilson’s 6 and 4 win over Paula Metcalfe, Becky McNiece's 3 and 2 win over Christine Hagan put the home team in a strong position,

Malone’s Siobhan Greene was four down with five to play to Maeve Cummins but fought back to win on the 18th and put her club in the semi finals. 

Royal Portrush’s Lucy Simpson, Gemma McClenaghan and Naiomh Quigg set up a 4-1 over Shandon Park with 4 and 3, 7 and 5 and 7 and 5 victories over Jenny Young, Helen McCarthy and Diane Nickels respectively. 

Last year’s winners Ulster District Senior Cup winner Clandeboye had three very significant wins of 6 and 5, 7 and 6 and 5 and 4 by Jessica Ross, Nikkie Currie and Brooke Hopley as they beat Royal Belfast 4-1.

Royal County Down Ladies' Olivia Mehaffey returned the first win for her team against Belvoir Park with a 5 and 3 victory over seasoned campaigner Violet McBride. 

But Jenny Gibson’s 3 and 2 win over former professional Danielle McVeigh evened the score and the remaining matches were keenly fought until team captain Anita McCaw beat Belvoir Park’s Anna Morwood 3 and 2.

Gail Linter’s experience gave her a 4 and 2 victory over young Laura McCaw, leaving the sides all square.

It all came down to the final match that saw Olivia McClure beat Kate Evans 2 and 1 and set up a semi-final match with Clandeboye.

The ladies of Bangor with the Plate

The ladies of Bangor with the Plate

In the first of the plate matches neighbouring clubs Bangor and Holywood keenly contested for a semi-final place with Bangor finally getting the win. 

Lurgan and RCDL's decision not to participate in the Plate competition resulted in a walkover for Ballycastle and Bangor into the final that ended with Bangor winning 3-2.

Rita McCormick’s early win of 4 and 3 over Jacque Hamilton gave great encouragement to the Ballycastle team and their supporters. 

However Finola Duncan’s 3 and 2 win over Fiona Glass balanced the scores. The next two matches were decided on the 18th green before Rachel Graham won her match against Una McQuillan on the 19th hole to give Bangor the title. 

Senior Cup Final - Ulster, Bangor Golf Club, May 8-9

Preliminary rounds

Ballycastle 2 Shandon Park 3

  1. Mary T McKiernan lost to Jenny Young 8/6
  2. Brenda McNeill lost to Helen McCarthy 3/2
  3. Una McQuillen beat Diane Nichels3/2
  4. Rita McCormick lost to Dianne Conway 2 down
  5. Fiona Glass beat Paula McAtamney 2/1

Bangor 1 Royal Belfast 4

  1. Mandy McEvoy lost to Victoria Craig 3/2

  2. Rachel Graham halved with Sarah Louise Winter
  3. Jacque Hamilton lost to Marilyn Henderson 4/2
  4. Finola Duncan lost to Alex Barnes 7/5
  5. Sheena McWilliams halved with Patricia Boyd

Holywood 1 Belvoir Park 4

  1. Victoria Alexander lost to Violet McBride 6/4
  2. Julie Carr lost to Jenny Gibson 4/3
  3. Joanne McBurney halved with Anna Morwood
  4. Ellen Greene lost to Olivia McClurg 3/2
  5. Tess McMillen halved with Gail Linter


Quarter Finals

Royal Portrush 4 Shandon Park 1

  1. Lucy Simpson beat Jenny Young 4/3
  2. Gemma McClenaghan beat Helen McCarthy 7/5
  3. NaiomhQuigg beat Diane Nickels 7/5
  4. Helen Jones halved with Dianne Conway
  5. Hannah Henderson halved with Paula McAtamney

Malone 3.5 Lurgan 1.5

  1. Louise Coffey beat Niamh McSherry 8/7
  2. Paula Metcalfe lost to Annabel Wilson 6/4
  3. Siobhan Greene beat Maeve Cummins 1 up
  4. Becky McNeice beat Christine Hagan 3/2
  5. Oonagh McClure halved with Sian Mulholland

Clandeboye 4 Royal Belfast 1

  1. Jessica Ross beat Sarah Louise Winter 6/5
  2. Nikki Currie beat Marilyn Henderson 7/6
  3. Caroline Adams halved with Alex Barnes
  4. Brooke Hopley beat Janet Wilson 5/4
  5. Sonya Hopley halved with Patricia Boyd

 Belvoir Park 3 Royal Co. Down Ladies 2

  1. Violet McBride lost to Olivia Mehaffey 5/3
  2. Jenny Gibson beat Danielle McVeigh 3/2
  3. Anna Morwood lost to Anita McCaw 3/2
  4. Olivia McClurg beat Kate Evans 2/1
  5. Gail Linter beat Laura McCaw 4/2


Semi-finals, Monday 9th May 2016

Royal Portrush 4.5 Malone 0.5

  1. Lucy Simpson beat Louise Coffey 2 up
  2. Gemma McClennaghan beat Paula Metcalfe 1 up
  3. NaiomhQuigg halved with Siobhan Greene
  4. Helen Jones beat Becky McNeice 4/3
  5. Hannah Henderson beat Miriam O’Doherty 3/2

Clandeboye 3.5 Belvoir Park 1.5

  1. Jessica Ross beat Violet McBride 1 up
  2. Nikki Currie beat Jenny Wilson 5/4
  3. Caroline Adams beat Olivia McClurg 2 up
  4. Brooke Hopley halved with Gail Linter
  5. Sonia Hopley lost to Ciara Brennan 3/2


Finals, Monday 9th May

Royal Portrush 4 Clandeboye 1

  1. Lucy Simpson lost to Jessica Ross 2 up
  2. Gemma McClennaghan beat Nikki Currie 1 up
  3. Naomi Quigg beat Caroline Adams 4/3
  4. Hannah Henderson beat Brooke Hopley 2/1
  5. Emma Forbes beat Sonya Hopley 4/3



Semi Finals

Bangor 3.5 Holywood 1.5

  1. Mandy McEvoy beat Victoria Alexander
  2. Rachel Graham ost to Julie Carr 6/5
  3. Jacque Hamilton beat Joanne McBurney 5/4
  4. Finola Duncan beat Ellen Greene 2/1
  5. Sheena McWilliams halved with Tess McMillen

Final, Monday 9th May 2016

Ballycastle 2 Bangor 3

  1. Mary T McKieran beat Mandy McEvoy 1 up 
  2. Una McMcQuillen lost to Rachel Graham on 19th hole
  3. Rita McCormick beat Jacque Hamilton 4/3
  4. Fiona Glass lost to Finola Duncan 3/2
  5. Susan Crawford lost to Sheena McWilliams 1 up.