ILGU and Irish women's golf aiming high with "Player Development Vision"

ILGU and Irish women's golf aiming high with "Player Development Vision"

Irish women's golf is aiming for the top thanks to the launch late last year of the ILGU's all-inclusive 2015-2018 Player Development Vision.

Focusing on aspects of the game from beginners at club level to high performance and beyond, the Player Development Vision was created with a view to pegging golf as one of the top sports for women in Ireland.

With this in mind, the document envisages and accommodates for a brighter future for female golf.  

Read the Player Development Vision document here

The vision aims to put in place appropriate structures which will equip players with the appropriate support and skills to grow the game exponentially at every level and to develop some of the best female golfers in the world.

The mission and values associated with the vision “Grow the Game, Beat the Competition” emphasises a player centred approach with the key theme of ‘better’ and incorporates it into all aspects of the sport:

  • Better People
  • Better Programmes
  • Better Participation
  • Better Players
  • Better Performance 

 The philosophy of the programme is based around a number of key stakeholders whom the union will work with a continuous basis — Volunteers, Staff, Players, ILGU Coaches, Players Personal Coaches and Parents

The ultimate goals of this vision are to secure an increase in the number of registered junior female golfers to 5,000 by 2018 and that Ireland’s 3 representative players for the World Amateur Team Championships at Carton House that year have a combined World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) of 100 or less.