Padraig Harrington will try anything to become a better player. Here he’s pictured working on his putting at the Titleist Performance Institute.Padraig Harrington confessed that a failed experiment put him right off his greens at last week’s Honda Classic.

The Dubliner revealed that he endured one of the worst putting weeks of his career as he limped home 17 shots behind winner Camilo Villegas.

But he’s convinced that he can return to his best by getting back to his normal routine as he takes on Doral’s fearsome Blue Monster in this week’s WGC-CA Championship.

Reflecting on his disappointing share of 40th last week, Harrington said: “The main reason behind last week’s result was the fact that I had a terrible week on the greens.

“I would say that it was probably my worst putting week of my career - a combination of struggling to read the greens and struggling with my alignment.

“I had spent some time in practice talking to a guy who works with pros on their putting as to how he reads greens.

“It was very interesting stuff and certainly I think it will help me in the future but last week I was completely confused.

“I was struggling to read the greens anyway and then when I tried his method it just made it more confusing.

“On top of this I never felt good about my alignment with the putter all week - every time I looked down I felt like I was aiming way off.

“With all this going through my head I just wasn’t able to commit to my putts and as a result I putted terribly.”

Harrington is confident that he will have things sorted out before the start tomorrow.

He said: “I know for the week ahead in Doral that I have to spend more time working on my routines and putting.

“There is nothing technical that I need to work on; it is all about getting myself ready to play and back into practicing my routines and mental approach.”