Christy O'Connor Jnr believes Holywood sensation Rory McIlroy will become a golfing artist - just like Seve.

The Galway legend watched the Holywood teenager in action in last week's Portugal Masters.

And while he's impressed by McIlroy's talent he's looking forward to watching him hit even more creative shots in the future.

Christy said: "He has handled himself extremely well and he has one hell of a game. I’d just love to see him making a few more softer shots - a few more dinky little ones in between.

"But I think that will come to him. Everthing is full, and very good it is, but I do think you’ll see him hit a few little cuts in future.

"He’s had an incredible start. He has come right out of the traps. When you know that everyone is looking at you, that makes it more difficult but he has handled it really well.

"Rory is magnificent but, of course, he’s like a lot of them now. He’s had an incredible schooling from about the age of 12 onwards. He’s been playing semi-pro golf for a long time.

"He’s has an opportunity to get used to the press, which is a pretty big and tough mountain to get over. He’s been helped by good teaching at home."

Tour golf has changed completely since O'Connor Jnr's day, when players would Monday qualify for the big events and had zero support from equipment companies.

Junior recalled: "I remember playing down in Bournemouth, one of Seve’s first tournaments. Well Seve’s brother went up to the big heavy guy from Slazenger and asked for a few more golf balls.

"And he was told, 'Listen, I gave your brother three balls yesterday and, if he qualifies, I’ll give him three more’. That’s what it was like back then.

"Now your locker is full of gloves, shoes, everything. I went to the Titleist trailer the other day and there were all the brand new golf bags laid out with the names on them. Unbelievable. There was nothing like that around in our day, I can tell you."