Tom Watson 39,531 - Paul McGinley nil

The relaunched

The relaunched

European Ryder Cup skipper Paul McGinley has relaunched his website - - but it appears there's little chance that he will take to social media as he faces the biggest year of his career to date.

The Dubliner credited Twitter for his selection as the first Irish Ryder Cup skipper when he landed the job exactly a year ago with Rory McIlroy's tweets of support proving crucial in the final days of the "campaign".

McGinley's opposite number Tom Watson has taken to Twitter - @TomWatsonPGA - and now has nearly 40,000 followers. He also has a website, But while McGinley had no problem admitting that Twitter played a crucial in his selection as captain, he won't be taking on Watson in the twitterverse this year.

“I am the first captain to be elected by Twitter,” McGinley joked during his first news conference as captain. “I'm not a Twit; I've never Twitted. One thing I've learned from this is the power of Twitter, there's no doubt about that, absolutely, there's no doubt about that.

"I've also learned how related Twitter is to the bookies; now I know where they get all their odds from. (Laughter)."

As for McGinley's new website, he's headed to Wales for help and hired Wrexham based Bloc Creative. The site features the usual sections - bar Twitter and Facebook links - reveals that he has commercial partnerships with now fewer than 12 brands - TaylorMade, Adidas, Allianz,  hotel chain The Doyle Collection, Sky Sports, Ryder Cup sponsor (Ernst and Young), Rolex,, international golf club membership club Eligo Club, BMW and Ashworth.

Unusually, there is no reference to his golf design business. Perhaps there is a new website coming there - and some business for an Irish web design company.