Marcel Proust

Graeme McDowell takes the Proust Questionnaire

The Proust Questionnaire, popular with magazines such as Vanity Fair as an interview format these days, is a fun personality questionnaiure made popular by the responses the 19th century French writer Marcel Proust gave to a similar list of questions when he was in his teens. We tested Graeme McDowell’s patience with a few of the questions recently and discovered, among other things, that Proust is not his preferred bedtime reading material.

Graeme McDowell takes the Proust Questionnaire

Wasting Padraig Harrington's time as he turns 40

“What musical instrument would I make out of a vegetable?…..” Padraig Harrington pictured by Stuart Adams, www.golffile.iePadraig Harrington celebrates his 40th birthday today which means he was born on the same day as the infamous Roman Emperor Caligula, violinist Itzhak Perlman, singer-songwriter Van Morrison and actors Richard Gere and James Coburn.

There’s not a lot of common ground there unless your a psychopathic, musical prodigy with a Belfast accent, a big nose and enough teeth to bite the head off a titanium driver.