Girls on track, Women need favour at Home Internationals

Ireland must beat Scotland and hope that Wales draw with England to have any chance of winning the Ladies Home Internationals at Conwy.

Having tied with England on day one, the Irish team won just one point from three foursomes — world No 5 Olivia Mehaffey and Louise Coffey beating Becky Harries and Bethan Morris on the 18th — the got only three and a half points from six singles to tie 4.5-4.5 with hosts Wales at Conwy.

Louise Coffey and Mehaffey recorded early wins but Maria Dunne lost to Bethan Morris on the 16th green.

With no more than one hole between the players in the last three ties, Jessica Ross won the 18th to halve her match before Sinead Sexton held her nerve to claim her second singles win and secure a second halved match for Ireland.

The girls’ team has a better chance of overall victory after a 7-2 win over Wales leaves them needing a win over Scotland to take the title.

Like their over 18 counterparts, the girls drew with England on day one but Gemma Butler’s charges didn’t falter against Wales, winning all three foursomes.

The girls needed just two points from six singles and got them.

Connacht, Ulster, Leinster and Irish Girls’ champion Julie McCarthy closed out her match 8 and 6 before Annabel Wilson, Niamh McSherry and Lauren Walsh won one up, 4 and 2 and 4 and 3 respectively. 

With the result decided, Rachel Thompson fell 3 and 2 to Harriet Evans and Mairead Martin narrowly lost by one hole to Caitlin Evans-Brand 

Ladies Home International Matches 

Ireland 4½, Wales 4½


  1. Jessica Ross and Paula Grant lost to Chloe Williams and Megan Lockett 3&2
  2. Olivia Mehaffey and Louise Coffey beat Becky Harries and Bethan Morris 1 hole
  3. Maria Dunne and Jessica Carty lost to Katherine O'Connor and Lauren Hillier 2 holes


  1. Louise Coffey beat Chloe Williams 1 hole
  2. Olivia Mehaffey beat Megan Lockett 3&1
  3. Maria Dunne lost to Bethan Morris 3&2
  4. Jessica Carty lost to Lauren Hillier 1 hole
  5. Jessica Ross halved with Katherine O'Connor
  6. Sinead Sexton beat Becky Harries 1 hole


Points Won Halved Lost

  1. England 10 ½ 10 1 7
  2. Wales 11 10 2 6
  3. Ireland 9 8 2 8
  4. Scotland 5 ½ 5 1 12  

Girls’ Home Internationals

Ireland 7, Wales 2


  1. Niamh McSherry and Valerie Clancy beat Ffion Evans and Carys Worby 3&2
  2. Julie McCarthy and Rachel Thompson beat Lucy Jones and Caitlin Evans-Brand 5&4
  3. Annabel Wilson and Mairead Martin beat Nicola Wainwrigtht and Harriet Evans 4&3


  1. Julie McCarthy beat Lucy Jones 8&6
  2. Annabel Wilson beat Carys Worby 1 hole
  3. Mairead Martin vs. Caitlin Evans-Brand 1 hole
  4. Niamh McSherry beat Ffion Vineall 4&2
  5. Rachel Thompson vs. Harriet Evans 3&2
  6. Lauren Walsh beat Nicola Wainwright 4&3


Points Won Halved Lost 

  1. Scotland 13 13 2 4
  2. Ireland 11 ½ 10 3 5
  3. England 7 ½ 5 5 8
  4. Wales 4 4 0 14