Irish hoping to make it five-in-a-row at Roganstown

Niamh McSherry

Following in the footsteps of Leona Maguire and Olivia Mehaffey won't be easy but Ireland's new wave of talented stars will be bidding to make it five Irish wins in a row in the Irish Girls’ U18 Open Stroke Play Championship at Roganstown.

The action runs from Friday to Sunday, 15-17 April with 91 competitors — including 60 from overseas — playing 18 holes qualifying on Friday and Saturday with the top 50 players progressing to the final round on Sunday.

Some of Ireland's top U18 golfers will be vying for the title after Royal County Down Ladies' Olivia Mehaffey won for the third year in a row last year.

These include 2015 Junior Vagliano players Mairead Martin (Killarney) and Annabel Wilson (Lurgan) and Irish Internationals Valerie Clancy (Killarney) and Niamh McSherry (Lurgan).

Scottish player and Junior Vagliano team member Shannon McWilliam will be an overseas favourite alongside England's Chloe Frankish and Austria's Isabella Holpfer.

The Girls Open has been held at Roganstown since 2012, where current world No 1 amateur Leona Maguire first captured the title. 

The late Christy O’Connor Junior created and designed the golf course, which is set amongst beautiful lakes and hills, presenting a challenge for every golfer that plays it.

For all Championship information, including live scoring please follow this link: Irish Girls’ U18 Open Stroke Play Championship.

 Irish Girls’ U18 Open Stroke Play Championship, Roganstown

Live scoring

Tee-times Fri 15th / Sat 16th

  1. 08:00/10:40 Chloe Frankish (England), Celine Borge (Norway), Niamh McSherry (Lugan)
  2. 08:10/10:50 Isabella Holpfer (Austria), Sara Kjellker (Sweden), Shannon Stevie McWilliam (Scotland)
  3. 08:20/11:00 Linn Grant (Sweden), Karoline Lund (Norway), Mairead Martin (Killarney)
  4. 08:30/11:10 Maja Stark (Sweden), Hannah Leonie Karg (Germany)
  5. 08:40/11:20 Sofia Lundell (Sweden), Anna-Maria Diederichs (Germany), Annabel Wilson (Lurgan)
  6. 08:50/11:30 Pi-lillebi Hermansson (Sweden), Jessica Hall (England), Valerie Clancy (Killarney)
  7. 09:00/11:40 Claire Robertson (Scotland), Ingrid Lindblad (Sweden), Ellie Metcalfe (Laytown & Bettystown)
  8. 09:10/11:50 Madelene Stavnar (Norway), Johanna Wollenhaupt (Germany), Louise Henningsson (Sweden)
  9. 09:20/12:00 Nicola Fall (Finland), Rebecca Earl (England), Caroline Zolg (Germany)
  10. 09:30/12:10 Mimi Rhodes (England), Ellen Hutchinson-Kay (Sweden)
  11. 09:40/12:20 Martha Lewis (England), Matilde Stenqvist (Sweden), Tara Bettle (Germany)
  12. 09:50/12:30 Andrea Lignell (Sweden) ,Christin Eisenbei (Germany), Rhian Barton (Wales)
  13. 10:00/ 12:40 Ellen Andersson (Sweden), Amelie Sigemar (Sweden), Magdalena Cervinkova (Czech Republic)
  14. 10:10/12:50 Hanna Ãhlander (Sweden), Joanne Free (Scotland), Laetitia Veeser (Germany)
  15. 10:20/13:00 Julia Lind (Sweden), Nicola Wainwright (Wales), Vivien Rösner (Germany)
  16. 10:30/13:10 Lily Hürlimann (Germany), Petronella Hjort (Sweden), Clodagh Jones (Roscrea)
  17. 10:40/08:00 Sara Ericsson (Sweden), Cay-Marie Müller (Germany), Rachel Thompson (Cork)
  18. 10:50/08:10 Ella Strmfelt (Sweden), Ólöf María Einarsdóttir (Iceland), Elisa Corcoran (Grange)
  19. 11:00/08:20 Marietta Ruhl (Germany), Loїs Lau (France), Emma Adolfsson (Sweden)
  20. 11:10/08:30 Talisa Brinker (Germany), Lauren Walsh (Castlewarden), Cara Owin (Germany)
  21. 11:20/08:40 Nora Klintheim (Sweden), Katja Mueller (Germany), Clodagh Walsh (Castlewarden)
  22. 11:30/08:50 Kate Dwyer (Rossmore), Maeve Cummins (Lurgan), Rebecca MacLaren (Wellingborough/Ireland)
  23. 11:40/09:00 Maeve Rooney (Co. Sligo), Ellen O'Gorman (Milltown)
  24. 1:50/09:10 Sara Byrne (Douglas), Lea-Anne Bramwell (Wales), Sarah Burke (Mullingar)
  25. 12:00/09:20 Anne Micke Compo (Netherlands), Sophie Faulkner (England), Ellie Doherty (Scotland)
  26. 12:10/09:30 Nicole McGavisk (Donabate), Frowe Gräsel (Germany), Emma Henningsson (Sweden)
  27. 12:20/09:40 Aine Donegan (Woodstock), Marija Luїze Jučmane (Latvia), Jan Browne (Kilkenny)
  28. 12:30/09:50 Malú Brinker (Germany), Kate McElroy (Faithlegg), Katie O'Hart (Arklow)
  29. 12:40/10:00 Patrizia Schfer (Germany), Lorna McClymont (Scotland), Emma Forbes Royal (Portrush)
  30. 12:50/10:10 Lilly Marie Köster (Germany), Anna Foster (Elm Park), Georgia Carr (Milltown)
  31. 13:00/10:20 Lea Becker (Germany), Leah Temple Lang (Elm Park), Laura Cody (Balbriggan)
  32. 13:10/10:30 Dezirae Wojciehowski (Germany), Flera Robina Sprude (Latvia), Natalia Michaś (Poland)