Sign up for "Women's Golf Day" on June 7 — men welcome

Sign up for "Women's Golf Day" on June 7 — men welcome

Waterville Golf Links is the first Irish club to sign up for Women’s Golf Day — an event, which is happening on the same day, at the same time and in the same format all over the world on June 7.

All golf clubs, retail locations and golf facilities in Ireland are being asked to participate in this event to engage and encourage women and girls to play golf though men are encouraged to participate in an event which is being supported in Ireland by Golf Digest Ireland, Golfing Magazine and Golfing Weekly.

According to the organisers: "It is important that women have a positive experience around golf for themselves and as they are responsible for many of the family decisions. We would like to have as many courses and golf facilities from Ireland represented as possible. Registration is at

Waterville Golf Links, founded in 1889, is the first course in Ireland and the first in Europe to sign up for Women's Golf Day. 

The organiser of Women's Golf Day said: "Waterville was also one of the first golf courses in Ireland to grant women regular voting club memberships. We are honoured that this prestigious golf course that is a world treasure, with a long history and tradition of superior golf and growing the game we all love, is participating in Women's Golf Day."

It is easy to sign up your club and participate. You choose the cost and the funds go directly to the club as it is all done through Eventbrite.