Shane plays down Major hype

Shane plays down Major hype

Shane Lowry signs an autograph on some of his new Shane Lowry for Kartel apparel for some of the boys at the Under 13 Series event at Greystones on Monday. The clothing is available from Heatons. Picture: Ronan Lang 

Shane Lowry has told his GAA legend dad to stop tipping him for Major glory.

Lowry is desperate to win a tournament but after picking up his just two trophies over the last six years, he reckons people have unrealistic expectations, starting with his father Brendan.

As he headed for the Scottish Open and next week Open Championship at St Andrews, Lowry rapped: “I think people are getting very carried away, talking about me winning Majors. 

"I’ve only won two events as a pro. 

"I just saw an interview that my Dad did in the paper the other day and I didn’t even know he did it, talking about me winning majors. 

“I wasn't too pleased about that to be honest. I think this talk about me winning majors has to stop. 

“I've finished ninth twice in two majors, but I've only played in 10 majors and St Andrews will be my 11th.

“I'm still at an early stage in my majors career but I'm not saying I can't go and win it. I definitely can go and win it. 

“I definitely think that if things went my way I could have won the US Open and  I don’t mind people talking about  me winning major, I just won’t listen to it!”

The Clara ace won the 20098 Irish Open as an amateur but has only won the 2012 Portugal Masters since turning professional.

He said: “I get jealous of other guys winning. I'm really desperate to win again myself.

“But I think I'm at the stage now were okay I'm desperate to win but I'm not putting that extra pressure on myself.

“There's a few tournaments that I should have won — the Dunhill two years ago, Wales and Wentworth last year. 

“I just didn’t finish the job off and bit of luck here or there, the other person doesn’t play quite as well down the back nine and all of a sudden I'm sitting here with four or five tournament wins under my belt.

“Then we’re talking about, 'Now's the time to go and win a Major’.”