Carrs drive ahead in Father and Daughter at Waterville

The field has fun in Waterville

Marty and Julia Carr have a four point lead over Liam and Hannah reidy heading into today's final round of the 8th Father and Daughter Classic at Waterville Golf Links.

8th Father and Daughter, Waterville Golf Links

Results 1st Round - Friday 24th July 

Team Name Points 

1st Marty & Julia Carr 47 IRE 

2nd Liam & Hannah Reidy 43 IRE 

3rd Gerry Carr & Katherine Kelter 40 IRE/USA 

4th Haig & Lina Ariyan 38 USA 

4th Jim & Annie Layden 38 USA 

4th Glen & Cameron March 38 USA 

7th Jeffrey & Caroline Kelter 37 USA 

7th Brady & Madison Riggs 37 USA 

7th Peter Huggard & Katie Layden 37 IRE/USA 

10th Roddy & Sophie Carr 36 IRE 

10th Ian & Stephanie Curnoe 36 UK 

12th Michael Bowe & Hannah Downton 33 IRE/CAN 

13th Rocky & Paige Downton 32 CAN 

14th Mike & Caitlin Millard 30 USA 

14th Joe & Maggie Morrison 30 USA 

14th Peter Keighery & Mary Layden 30 IRE/USA 

14th Charley & Isabel Moore 30 USA 

14th Chris & Zoe Cosgrove 30 IRE  


Final Round - Saturday 25th July 

2nd Round Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 

10:40 Gerry Carr Katherine Kelter Jeffrey Kelter Caroline Kelter 

10:50 Chris Cosgrove Zoe Cosgrove Charley Moore Isabel Moore 

11:00 Peter Keighery Katie Layden Peter Huggard Mary Layden 

11:10 Joe Morrison Maggie Morrison Mike Millard Caitlin Millard 

11:20 Roddy Carr Sophie Carr Rocky Downton Paige Downton 

11:30 Michael Bowe Hannah Downton Ian Curnoe Stephanie Curnoe 

11:40 Brady Riggs Madison Riggs Glen March Cameron March 

11:50 Jim Layden Annie Layden Haig Ariyan Lina Ariyan 

12:00 Marty Carr Julia Carr Liam Reidy Hannah Reidy.