McGinley backs US Ryder Cup Task Force
Paul McGinley continues to work with Ryder Cup sponsors EY

Paul McGinley continues to work with Ryder Cup sponsors EY

Victorious 2014 European Ryder Cup captain Paul McGinley made an early morning appearance on CNBCs' Squawkbox in New York on Thursday and defended the much-maligned US Ryder Cup Task Force.

Not only did the Dubliner get a chance to plug one of his business ventures,, which is researching a potential move into the US market, he also got to compare the Ryder Cup to a business.

With Europe winning eight of the last 10 Ryder Cups and Rory McIlroy describing the US Ryder Cup Task Force as a sign that the Americans are desperate to win the trophy back in 2016, McGinley refused to stick the knife into America's efforts and the reappointment of beaten 2012 skipper Davis Love.

That said, he did have a big smile on his face when he said:

"Let's put it in terms of a business. If you are a business and you were losing all the time and profits were going down, what would you do? You'd sit down, maybe clear out the boardroom and start again and say okay, where are we going? What are the fundamentals we've got to get in place? And that's pretty much what America has done."