Carton House win Fred Daly in thriller

Carton House Brendan Boucher (Team Captain) congratulating Dean Cafferty after his victory on the 20th green to clinch the 2014 Fred Daly All Ireland final at Ardglass Golf Club today (26/08/2014). Picture by Pat Cashman

Carton House clinched the Fred Daly Trophy for the second time in four years with a dramatic 4-3 win over a valiant Galway at Ardglass, writes the GUI.

Wins for David Carey, Marc Boucher and Darragh Walsh saw Carton House move close to victory in the final, but Galway made a resurgence with wins by Michael O'Farrell, Paddy Culhane and Eoin Griffin.

The climax came when Mikey Burke and Dean Cafferty finished all square after 18. An errant tee shot from Burke on the 19th gave Cafferty the first chance at victory, but he left himself the high side of a difficult pin position and failed to get up and down.

However, he made no mistake at the short second, playing a superb medium iron into the middle of the green, and when Burke came up short with his approach and failed to get up and down, two putts was good enough for victory for a relieved Carton House.

Liam Martin (President, Golfing Union of Ireland) pictured presenting Ger Nowlan (Captain, Carton House Golf Club) with the 2014 Fred Daly All Ireland trophy after their victory at Ardglass. Also in the picture in front (from left) Cian Hutchinson, Tony Mayes (Captain, Ardglass Golf Club), Brendan Boucher (Team Captain), Oisin Devereau and Marc Boucher. At back (from left) Paul Mullarkey (Team Manager), Enda Cahill, David Carey, Dean Cafferty, David Travers, Sean Walsh, Darragh Walsh, Bill Hannan and Mark Travers. Picture by Pat Cashman

Galway had earlier accounted for a spirited Douglas side in the first semi-final, with victories coming from Colm Hughes, Cathal Nolan, Michael O'Farrell and Mikey Bourke.

Meanwhile, 2011 champions Carton House saw off Lurgan's challenge, thanks to two vital victories in the top two matches from David Carey and Marc Boucher. Wins also followed for Sean Walsh, Oisin Devereux and Dean Cafferty.

David Carey (Carton House) driving at the 11th in his match against Colm Hughes (Galway) in the final of the 2014 Fred Daly Trophy at Ardglass. Picture by  Pat   Cashman

David Carey (Carton House) driving at the 11th in his match against Colm Hughes (Galway) in the final of the 2014 Fred Daly Trophy at Ardglass. Picture by Pat Cashman

Mikey Burke (Galway) blasting from the bunker at the 14th at Ardglass Golf Club. Picture by Pat Cashman

Fred Daly Trophy All-Ireland Semi-Finals and Final

Ardglass Golf Club


Douglas 2½  Galway 4½  (Douglas names first)

  1. Daniel O’Sullivan (5) lost to Colm Hughes (2) 3/2
  2. Adam McSweeney (5) lost to Cathal Nolan (3) 4/3
  3. Pierce Dorney (5) beat Peter Fleming (3) 2/1
  4. Barry O’Sullivan Geaney (6)  beat Paddy Culhane (4) 1 hole
  5. John Boylan (6) lost to Michael O’Farrell (4) 7/6
  6. Darragh Lonergan (7) lost to Mikey Burke (4) 3/2
  7. Brian Barry (8) halved with Sean Bourke (5)

Lurgan 1 Carton House 6 (Lurgan names first)

  1. Caolan McCann (1)  lost to David Carey (0)  1 hole
  2. Peter Cummins (3)  lost to Marc Boucher (1) 1 hole
  3. Jason McCann (3) lost to Sean Walsh (1)  2/1
  4. Ronan McGivern (4) lost to Oisin Devereux (2)  5/4
  5. Conal Patterson (4) lost to Dean Cafferty (4)  6/5
  6. Nathan McCann (5) halved with Darragh Walsh (4)  
  7. Conor McDonald (5) halved with Cian Hutchinson (4)

Liam Martin (President, Golfing Union of Ireland) pictured with the Galway Golf Club Fred Daly team beaten finalists in the 2014 Fred Daly Trophy. Picture by Pat Cashman


Galway 3 Carton House 4 (Galway names first)

  1. Colm Hughes (2) lost to David Carey (0)  3/1
  2. Cathal Nolan (3) lost to Marc Boucher (1) 6/4
  3. Michael O’Farrell (4) beat Sean Walsh (1)  2 holes
  4. Paddy Culhane (4) beat Oisin Devereux (2)  1 hole
  5. Mikey Burke (4) lost to Dean Cafferty (4)  20th
  6. Sean Burke (5) lost to Darragh Walsh (4)  2/1
  7. Eoin Griffin (5) beat Cian Hutchinson (4)  4/3

Marc Boucher (Carton House) driving at the 11th at Ardglass. Picture by Pat Cashman