McCarthy going strong in title defence

Julie McCarthy

Forrest Little's Julie McCarthy is on course to retain the Irish Girls Close title at Shannon but big guns Olivia Mehaffey and Mary Doyle are still a threat.

McCarthy beat Lucan's Molly Dowling 2 and 1 and now takes on Lurgan's Annabel Wilson in the last 16 today.

Beating Wilson won't be a pushover and even if she pulls it off she can't rest easy with Irish Women's Close champion Doyle through to face Clare Calvert from Royal County Down and Mehaffey a possible quarter-final rival as she faces home players Lisa O'Shea.


16-19 JULY 2014

Match play results for Thursday and draws for Friday

Friday 18th July

  1. 08:00 Mary Doyle (The Heath) -v- Clare Calvert (RCD Ladies)
  2. 08:09 Niamh Ward (Lurgan)-v- Ciara Casey (Hermitage)
  3. 08:18 Ciara Leonard (Mitchelstown) -v- Chloe Weir (Shandon Park)
  4. 08:27 Gemma McCarthy (Clonmel) -v- Sophie Harrison (Killeen Castle)
  5. 08:36 Olivia Mehaffey (RCD Ladies) -v- Lisa O'Shea (Shannon)
  6. 08:45 Julie McCarthy (Forrest Little) -v- Annabel Wilson (Lurgan)
  7. 08:54 Niamh McSherry (Lurgan) -v- Victoria Craig (Royal Belfast)
  8. 09:03 Hannah Henderson (Ballyclare) -v- Rachel Taylor (Laytown & Bettystown)

Thursday 17th July 

  • Mary Doyle (The Heath) beat Maeve Cummins (Lurgan) 3&2     
  • Alice Hutchinson (St. Anne's) lost to Clare Calvert (RCD Ladies)  3&2   
  • Niamh Ward (Lurgan) beat Ellie Metcalfe (Laytown & Bettystown) on 19th     
  • Nicole McGavisk (Donabate) lost to Ciara Casey (Hermitage) 4&3      
  • Caitriona Griffin (Killarney) lost to Ciara Leonard (Mitchelstow ) on 19th    
  • Tara Whelan (East Clare) lost to Chloe Weir (Shandon Park) 4&3     
  • Gemma McCarthy (Clonmel) beat Ciara Magill (East Clare) 6&5    
  • Aideen Walsh (Woodstock) lost to Sophie Harrison (Killeen Castle) 4&2     
  • Olivia Mehaffey (RCD Ladies) beat Rachael McDonnell (Elm Park) 5&4   
  • Meadhbh Doyle (Portarlington) lost to Lisa O'Shea (Shannon) 3&2     
  • Julie McCarthy (Forrest Little) beat Molly Dowling (Lucan) 2&1    
  • Katie Aherne (Waterford Castle) lost to Annabel Wilson (Lurgan) 5&3    
  • Niamh McSherry (Lurgan) beat Elisa Corcoran (Grange) 2up      
  • Rachel Thompson (Cork) lost to Victoria Craig (Royal Belfast) 3&1     
  • Hannah Henderson (Ballyclare) beat Clodagh Jones (Roscrea) 4&3   
  • Zoe Collins (Castle Royle) lost to Rachel Taylor (Laytown & Bettystown) 2&1

PLATE MATCH PLAY (Pat Fletcher Trophy)

Friday 18th July

  1. 09:12 Maeve Cummins (Lurgan) -v- Alice Hutchinson (St. Anne's)
  2. 09:21 Ellie Metcalfe (Laytown & Bettystown) -v- Nicola McGavisk (Donabate)
  3. 09:30 Caitriona Griffin (Killarney) -v- Tara Whelan (East Clare)
  4. 09:39 Ciara Magill (East Clare) -v- Aideen Walsh (Woodstock)
  5. 09:48 Rachael McDonnell (Elm Park) -v- Meadhbh Doyle (Portarlington)
  6. 09:57 Molly Dowling (Lucan) -v- Katie Aherne (Waterford Castle)
  7. 10:06 Elisa Corcoran (Grange) -v- Rachel Thompson (Cork)
  8. 10:15 Clodagh Jones (Roscrea) -v- Zoe Collins (Castle Royle)