So who's declaring for Ireland's Olympic golf team?

Construction of the Olympic golf site is behind schedule but the IGF is optimistic it will be ready in time.

Rory McIlroy and Stephanie Meadow have nailed their Olympic Games colours to the mast and declared they will play for Ireland in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, if they qualify.

But the International Golf Federation is remaining tight-lipped on what other Irish or Northern Ireland born players intend to do after urging them to make their choice before the qualifying period begins this week.

Anthony Scanlan, Executive Director of the IGF, the governing body for Olympic golf, said: “When the rankings commence next week, the players were made aware that the rankings were starting. We encouraged them to nominate their nationality this week.

“It is not up to us to say which players have responded to our request.

“It is up to the players themselves to say what they are going to do but I am not going to talk on behalf of a player."

Golfers holding dual nationality can change nationality providing four years have passed since they last represented that country in events such as the World Cup, the Eisenhower Trophy or the Espirito Santo Trophy.

That means that the likes of Darren Clarke, Michael Hoey and Gareth Maybin, who represented Ireland in World Cup of Golf more than four years ago, can opt for Ireland or Team GB in Rio if they qualify.

Explaining why players have been asked to choose now, Peter Dawson, President of the IGF, said: “We didn't think it would be fair for switch nationalities halfway through the ranking process, just because they would have more chance to play for one country than another.”

The organiser’s biggest worry is that construction of the Olympic golf course is well behind schedule.

Admitting they had a contingency plan in place if they had to move venue, the IGF's Ty Votaw said: “Yes, we do have plans in place, but we're not going to tell you what they are.”

Hopeful they can hold a test event at the venue, Dawson addressed the speed of the construction of the course and said: "It is so much faster now per month than it was a year ago, and it's accelerating. But there's no complacency there, it's tight."