Harrington breaks hotel window practicing

Pádraig Harrington tweeted this picture of his hotel room

Padraig Harrington has been on Twitter for a few years but didn't send his first personal tweet until Friday. As he said himself in Texas last night, it's a good one — a picture of a smashed hotel window with a golf ball-sized hole and the comment: "500 reasons not to practice in your hotel."

He did the damage at the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando back in March but hadn't got around to tweeting it until now. The reason? He's nervous of twitter.

  • Q.  I didn't know you were doing your own Tweets?
  • PADRAIG HARRINGTON:  I don't know, I'm a bit scared of Twitter but I did send my first personal tweet.  There was others sent. 
  • Q.  What was the motivation? 
  • PADRAIG HARRINGTON:  I had a good tweet to send, that's why I sent it. 
  • Q.  I'm looking it up now. 
  • PADRAIG HARRINGTON:  It was a good one! 

The Dubliner went into tonight's final round of the HP Byron Nelson Championship just two shots off the lead and bidding for his first PGA Tour win for nearly six years.