Irish Boys well beaten by French

Ireland's Boys lost 16.5 - 7.5 to France in a two-day international at Cannes Mougins and Terre Blanche.


France: Adonis ASIKIAN (Cannes Mougins/Pôle Espoir d'Antibes), Edgar CATHERINE (Aix en Provence/Pôle France Boys), Alexandre DAYDOU (Cannes Mougins/Pôle France Boys), Joris ETLIN (Cannes Mougins/Pôle France Boys), Thomas LE BERRE (Chantilly/Pôle France Boys), Pierre MAZIER (v/Pôle France Boys) David RAVETTO (RCF la Boulie/Pôle France Boys), Victor VEYRET (Chantilly/Pôle France Boys)

Ireland: David CAREY (Carton House), Jamie FLETCHER (Warrenpoint), Kevin Le BLANC (The Island), Rowan LESTER (Hermitage), Cameron MILLS (Shandon Park), Conor PURCELL (Portmarnock), James SUGRUE (Mallow), Paul TOBIN (Mahon).