Captain Kevin Raftery and Manager John McGrath with the winning Leinster Boys Interprovincial Team at Lee Valley. Pcture are Rowan Lester, Jake Whelan, Eoin Leonard, Paul McBride, David Carey, Alex Myles and Jack Walsh. Picture by Pat CashmanLeinster retained their the Boys Interprovincial title with a strong singles performance over Ulster.

They led 2-1 from the foursomes, and wins from Jack Walsh, Rowan Lester, David Carey and Alec Myles sealed victory.

Connacht ran them closest, beating Munster by 5.5-4.5 thanks to singles victories from Sean Doyle, John Igoe and Jamie Corbett.

Boys Interprovincial Championship, Lee Valley Golf Club

Connacht 5.5 Munster 4.5 (Connacht names first)


Sean Doyle & Ronan Mullarney beat Robin Dawson & Paul Tobin 3/2

John Igoe & Sean Flanagan lost to James Sugrue & Greg O’Mahony 3/2

Aaron Darcy & David Brady beat Gary Ward & Mark McGrath 3/2


Sean Flanagan lost to Greg O’Mahony 2/1

Ronan Mullarney lost to Robin Dawson 2/1

Sean Doyle beat James Sugrue 2/1

David Brady halved with Paul Tobin

John Igoe beat Gary Ward 5/4

Jamie Corbett beat Bill Murray 1 hole

Aaron Darcy lost to Mark McGrath 3/2

Leinster 6.5 Ulster 3.5 (Leinster names first)


Alec Myles & Jake Whelan lost to Gareth Lappin & Stephen Watts 2/1;

David Carey & Eoin Leonard beat Ryan McCarron & Matthew Kane 6/4;

Jack Walsh & Paul McBride beat Jordan Hood & Ryan Long 4/3


Jack Walsh beat Kyle McCarron 2 holes

Rowan Lester beat Jordan Hood 3/2

Jake Whelan lost to Gareth Lappin 2/1

Eoin Leonard lost to Stephen Watts 4/2

David Carey beat Matthew Kane 3/1

Alec Myles beat Ryan Long 5/4

Paul McBride halved with Jamie Fletcher

Final Standings

  1. Leinster
  2. Connacht
  3. Munster
  4. Ulster