Your input required for Golfnet II

Golfnet II is coming in early 2015. Volunteers are required to help create the new systemThe GUI & ILGU are currently in the process of redeveloping the Golfnet website, due for launch in early 2015.

As part of this process, the unions are interested in working with a small, diverse group of golfers who have varying degrees of familiarity with the current Golfnet website at

They are seeking interested volunteers to attend two meetings at GUI National Headquarters on the dates below, and to engage in discussions and debate on the new Golfnet system.

Sixteen people will be chosen for the group, based on responses to the questions below.

Meeting One:

When:  Monday 1st July from 10am - 4pm

Location:  GUI National Headquarters, Carton Demesne, Maynooth, Co Kildare

Meeting Two:

When:  Monday 2nd September from 10am - 1pm

Location: GUI National Headquarters, Carton Demesne, Maynooth, Co Kildare P

lease note that lunch will be provided on both days and travel expenses in line with current GUI travel allowances will be paid. No other expenses will be paid.


Golfnet Number (if any):

How many times per month do you login to Golfnet:

What age profile do you fall into: 15 - 19 / 20 - 29 / 30 - 39 / 40 - 49 / 50 - 59 / 60 - 69 / 70 and over

Are you currently a club handicap secretary:

Tell us why you would like to be chosen for the Golfnet II User Panel (in fewer than 200 words):

Email your details to with “GOLFNET II USER PANEL” in the subject line.

Users will be chosen to fit the criteria we have.

Applications will close on Tuesday 25th June at 2pm and those selected will be notified on Wednesday 26th June.