Graeme McDowell takes some punishment in the latest Srixon ad. Brutal, as he would say himself. Golfers are used to performing in front of the cameras but when it comes to acting, the results have been, well, mixed.

Graeme McDowell cage fighting, Pádraig Harrington poking somebody in the head with a golf club, Darren Clarke and Lee Westwood in a pub or a golfing bromance featuring Tiger and Rory. At least some of them moved outside their comfort zone. Take a look, then cast your vote for the golf’s Oscar winner at the end.

Clarke and Westwood head for the pub for this Dunlop Golf ad. Amazingly, it focuses on Westwood’s chipping ability. Don’t miss his face at the end.

McDowell had a stunt double for the new Srixon 2013 QSTAR ball campaign. Ouch! You can tell that Peter Jacobson has a lot of Hollywood friends. Smooth.

Pádraig Harrington’sTrunkShop” ad for Wilson is totally unbelievable. And American pronouncing “Pádraig” correctly? Seriously?

Rory and Tiger weren’t even together for the filming of the new “Nike Golf: No Cup Is Safe” campaign. The script is pretty good too. Tiger’s sneer is particularly convincing. 

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