Opportunity knocks for Nicky Grant in the North of Ireland Championship. Picture by Pat CashmanWho said golf was meant to be fair? Take Ballymena’s Dermot McElroy, who led the qualifiers for the North of Ireland Championship thanks to a nine under 63 on Tuesday only to be sent packing in the opening round less than 24 hours later.

As Dungannon’s Darren Clarke gave pre-Open Championship media interviews in the clubhouse, a fellow clubman in Timothy Jordan beat 19-year old McElroy by one hole before going down 4 and 2 to Ryan Fricker from Yelverton in Plymouth in the afternoon.

No fewer than 12 of the 32 first round matches went to the last with eight of those eventually decided in extra holes. By the end of that process, names such as Paul Dunne, Gary McDermott and John Greene were twiddling their thumbs in the locker room alongside McElroy, wondering where it had all gone wrong.

The defending champion Patrick McCrudden made it to the second round only to be crushed 6 and 4 by the evergreen Cavan man Eddie McCormack, who is still searching for that maiden championship win. Could this been his week? In matchplay, anything is possible.

Baltray’s Simon Ward, vanquisher of US based Dunne on the 19th in round one, lost 3 and 2 to the up and coming Co Sligo man Steffan O’Hara, who could yet face McCormack in this afternoon’s quarter-finals.

A lot can happen before then. Take former runner-up Connor Doran and Knock’s Michael Sinclair, who meet in one of the most intruiging round three matches. The winner of that one will take on Fricker or Cormac Sharvin from Ardglass in the last eight and as two of the most experienced players remaining in the championship, Doran and Sinclair may fancy their chances of a long run.

That said, the bottom half of the draw is a minefield of explosive talent, should one of them make it to the last four.

Last year’s runner up, the reigning West of Ireland champion Harry Diamond, is still there and facing a tough tussle with the excellent Shane McGlynn from Carton House in round three. The winner will be “rewarded” with a match against Headfort’s Rory McNamara or Royal Portrush’s Matthew McAlpin in the afternoon. Hardly an appetising prospect.

Mourne’s Reeve Whitson, who came close to glory in the Irish Amatuer Close at the Dunluce links recently, takes on Portmarnock’s Geoff Lenehan at the bottom of the draw with Knock’s Nicky Grant facing Daniel Vaughan from Ardglass.

Of the survivors, only Sinclair has won the title before. But that was 15 years ago, when he beat the legendary Garthy McGimpsey in the 1997 final.

Diamond will be keen to go one better than last year. But like Doran and McCormack, who have yet to win a ‘major’, Grant will be just as eager to break his duck having lost the East of Ireland title following a play-off with Irish Close winner Chris Selfridge at Baltray just over a month ago.

North of Ireland 2012

Third round tee-times

8.00 William Hanna (Kilkeel) v Eddie McCormack (Galway)

8.15 Colm Campbell (Warrenpoint) v Steffan O’Hara (Co. Sligo)

8.30 Connor Doran (Banbridge) v Michael Sinclair (Knock)

8.45 Cormac Sharvin (Ardglass) v Ryan Fricker (Yelverton)

9.00 Harry Diamond (Belvoir Park) v Shane McGlynn (Carton House)

9.15 Rory McNamara (Headfort) v Matthew McAlpin (Royal Portrush)

9.30 Reeve Whitson (Mourne) v Geoff Lenehan (Portmarnock)

9.45 Nicky Grant (Knock) v Daniel Vaughan (Ardglass)

Second round

William Hanna (Kilkeel) bt Robert Cannon (Balbriggan) 20th

Eddie McCormack (Galway) bt Patrick McCrudden (Royal Portrush) 6/4

Colm Campbell (Warrenpoint) bt Jonathan Webster (Castle) 6/5

Steffan O’Hara (Co. Sligo) bt Simon Ward (Co. Louth) 3/2

Connor Doran (Banbridge) bt Seamus Cullen (Slieve Russell) 3/2

Michael Sinclair (Knock) bt Daryl Callister (Mount Murray) 5/4

Cormac Sharvin (Ardglass) bt Brendan Walton (Island) 1 Hole

Ryan Fricker (Yelverton) bt Timothy Jordan (Dungannon) 4/2

Harry Diamond (Belvoir Park) bt Jonathan Connolly (Massereene) 3/1

Shane McGlynn (Carton House) bt Shuan O’Connor (Skerries) 3/2

Rory McNamara (Headfort) bt Tiarnan McLarnon (Massereene) 3/2

Matthew McAlpin (Royal Portrush) bt Jack Hume (Rathsallagh) 2/1

Reeve Whitson (Mourne) bt David Sutton (Lurgan) 4/3

Geoff Lenehan (Portmarnock) bt Brian Casey (Headfort) 4/3

Nicky Grant (Knock) bt Heath Riches (Kooyonga) 3/2

Daniel Vaughan (Ardglass) bt Jonathan Yates (Naas) 5/3

First round

Robert Cannon (Balbriggan) bt Stephen Speirs (Kooyonga) 2/1

William Hanna (Kilkeel) bt Kealan Quigg (City Of Derry) 19th

Patrick McCrudden (Royal Portrush) bt Eugene Smith (Ardee) 3/2

Eddie McCormack (Galway) bt Joseph Timlin (Dungannon) 19th

Jonathan Webster (Castle) bt Eoghan O’Donovan (Craddockstown) 3/2

Colm Campbell (Warrenpoint) bt Joe Lyons (Birr) 1 Hole

Steffan O’Hara (Co. Sligo) bt Chris Carroll (Shandon Park) 6/5

Simon Ward (Co. Louth) bt Paul Dunne (Greystones) 19th

Seamus Cullen (Slieve Russell) bt Aaron Grant (Dundalk) 20th

Connor Doran (Banbridge) bt Mark Morrissey (Mount Wolseley) 5/4

Michael Sinclair (Knock) bt Allan Kiernan (Forrest Little) 19th

Daryl Callister (Mount Murray) bt Gary McDermott (Co.Sligo) 2/1

Brendan Walton (Island) bt Glenn McAuley (Dunmurry) 2/1

Cormac Sharvin (Ardglass) bt John Greene (Portmarnock) 19th

Ryan Fricker (Yelverton) bt Gareth Lappin (Belvoir Park) 4/2

Timothy Jordan (Dungannon) bt Dermot McElroy (Ballymena) 1 hole

Harry Diamond (Belvoir Park) bt Michael Reid (Galgorm Castle) 4/2

Jonathan Connolly (Massereene) bt John Robinson (Royal Portrush) 2 Holes

Shuan O’Connor (Skerries) bt Graeme Dickson (Dunmurry) 5/3

Shane McGlynn (Carton House) bt Matthew Kane (Whitehead) 3/1

Rory McNamara (Headfort) bt Chris Dunbar (Rathmore) 3/2

Tiarnan McLarnon (Massereene) bt George Morris (Eaton) 1 Hole

Jack Hume (Rathsallagh) bt Leon Stevenson (Rathmore) 6/5

Matthew McAlpin (Royal Portrush) bt Graeme Laird (Clandeboye) 19th

Reeve Whitson (Mourne) bt Trevor Spence (Clandeboye) 3/2

David Sutton (Lurgan) bt Damien McCusker (Moyola Park) 20th

Geoff Lenehan (Portmarnock) bt Davey Barry (Mahon) 2/1

Brian Casey (Headfort) bt Stephen Walsh (Portmarnock) 1 hole

Nicky Grant (Knock) bt Darren Crowe (Dunmurry) 5/4

Heath Riches (Kooyonga) bt Declan O’Neill (Carton House) 3/2

Daniel Vaughan (Ardglass) bt Andrew Morris (Belvoir Park) 3/2

Jonathan Yates (Naas) bt Leon Fricker (Yelverton) 4/3

Strokeplay qualifying

Qualifiers (Valley, Dunluce, Par 142)

133 D McElroy (Ballymena) 70 63* Leading qualifier, H Diamond (Belvoir Park) 68 65, C Doran (Banbridge) 67 66

135 P Dunne (Greystones) 69 66

136 R Whitson (Mourne) 67 69, D Vaughan (Ardglass) 66 70

137 W Hanna (Kilkeel) 69 68, J Hume (Rathsallagh) 65 72

138 C Campbell (Warrenpoint) 71 67, D Barry (Mahon) 68 70

139 S O’Connor (Skerries) 72 67, C Sharvin (Ardglass) 69 70, B Walton (Island) 69 70, M Kane (Whitehead) 68 71, B Casey (Headfort) 68 71, J Webster (Castle) 66 73

140 R Cannon (Balbriggan) 71 69, G McDermott (Co. Sligo) 71 69, J Yates (Naas) 71 69, M McAlpin (Royal Portrush) 69 71, S Cullen (Slieve Russell) 68 72

141 A Kiernan (Forrest Little) 72 69, T McLarnon (Massereene) 71 70, H Riches (Kooyonga) 71 70, P McCrudden (Royal Portrush) 71 70, C Carroll (Shandon Park) 70 71, D McCusker (Moyola Park) 70 71, J Connolly (Massereene) 69 72, G Lappin (Belvoir Park) 67 74, R Fricker (Yelverton) 66 75, J Robinson (Royal Portrush) 64 77

142 D Sutton (Lurgan) 74 68, S O’Hara (Co. Sligo) 72 70, E Smith (Ardee) 72 70, D O’Neill (Carton House) 72 70, G Morris (Eaton) 71 71, M Sinclair (Knock) 71 71, A Grant (Dundalk) 71 71, E McCormack (Galway) 70 72, N Grant (Knock) 69 73, G Laird (Clandeboye) 68 74, L Fricker (Yelverton) 68 74, S Speirs (Kooyonga) 67 75, E O’Donovan (Craddockstown) 66 76, S Walsh (Portmarnock) 66 76

143 S McGlynn (Carton House) 76 67, G McAuley (Dunmurry) 74 69, J Greene (Portmarnock) 73 70, G Dickson (Dunmurry) 73 70, G Lenehan (Portmarnock) 73 70, J Lyons (Birr) 73 70, K Quigg (City Of Derry) 72 71, R McNamara (Headfort) 71 72, A Morris (Belvoir Park) 71 72, L Stevenson (Rathmore) 70 73, M Morrissey (Mount Wolseley) 70 73, D Callister (Mount Murray) 70 73, C Dunbar (Rathmore) 70 73, D Crowe (Dunmurry) 70 73, J Timlin (Dungannon) 70 73, S Ward (Co. Louth) 70 73, T Spence (Clandeboye) 70 73, M Reid (Galgorm Castle) 69 74, T Jordan (Dungannon) 68 75.


143 N McKinstry (Cairndhu) 67 76, M McClean (Balmoral) 67 76, L Hutchinson (Royal Dublin) 66 77

144 S Grehan (Tullamore) 74 70, B Robinson (Vale) 73 71, B Fitzsimons (Downpatrick) 73 71, A Purdy (Ballyclare) 72 72, L Mulligan (Stackstown) 71 73, J Richardson (Royal Portrush) 71 73, A Hogan (Newlands) 70 74, L O’Dwyer (Forrest Little) 70 74, G McGee (Cypress Point) 70 74, I Brennan (Greenore) 68 76, S Quinlan (Killeen) 67 77

145 A Kearney (Castlerock) 76 69, T Gandy (Rowany) 74 71, A McCloy (Ballymena) 73 72, S Doherty (Ballyliffin) 73 72, C Fairweather (Knock) 73 72, J Turner (Royal Portrush) 72 73, D Sweeney (Westmanstown) 72 73, E Griffin (Waterford) 71 74, D Keddie (Belton Park) 71 74, P Delaney (Arklow) 70 75, M Durcan (Co. Sligo) 70 75, G McQueen (Roganstown) 70 75, G Walsh (Mount Juliet) 70 75, K Shannon (Greenore) 69 76, A Clapp (Enmore Park) 69 76, B Galway (Cairndhu) 69 76

146 A Norrby (Balmoral) 73 73, B Best (Rathmore) 72 74, P McNickle (Castlerock) 72 74, R Houston (Rathmore) 72 74, A Burns (Galgorm Castle) 72 74, B Anderson (Co. Sligo) 72 74, S Winsby (Whitehead) 71 75, S Watts (Cairndhu) 70 76, E McDermott (Letterkenny) 70 76, E Cradock (Gort) 70 76, R Long (Cairndhu) 70 76, G Mungovan (Headfort) 70 76, I Ross (Whitehead) 70 76, D Daly (Castle Hume) 68 78, J Taylor (Shandon Park) 68 78

147 C Wilton (Banbridge) 76 71, S McConnell (Ballyclare) 76 71, R McKinstry (Cairndhu) 75 72, P Fitzsimons (Downpatrick) 74 73, I Moore (Dunmurry) 73 74, S Garrett (Portstewart) 73 74, C O’Rourke (Naas/NUIM) 73 74, D McKenna (Foyle) 73 74, K Cummings (Elm Park) 73 74, L Harnett (Milltown) 73 74, F McGinn (Ballycastle) 73 74, M McKnight (LPGA Inter) 73 74, C McGrogan (Newbridge) 73 74, A Faulkner (Donegal) 73 74, J Kelly (Elm Park) 73 74, J Gourley (Holywood) 73 74, C Geraghty (Laytown/B) 72 75, C Molloy (Ardee) 72 75, S Miskelly (Knock) 72 75, G Armstrong (Ballyclare) 71 76, S Crowe (Dunmurry) 71 76, G McDonnell (Mill Ride) 71 76, D Downie (Sutton) 70 77, S Bleakley (Balmoral) 69 78, E O’Connor (Elm Park) 69 78, C McCaughey (Dungannon) 69 78

148 C Dunphy (Killeen Castle) 74 74, R Burke (Castle) 73 75, L Ashby (Killerig) 73 75, J Ashman (Worthing) 72 76, A Doran (Ardee) 72 76, N Worth (Island) 72 76, P McCabrey (Lurgan) 71 77, G McGrane (Royal Dublin) 69 79, R O’Doherty (Enniscrone) 69 79, S O’Connor (Carton House/NUIM) 68 80

149 P O’Kane (Moyola Park) 76 73, P Tanham (Delgany) 75 74, C Moffett (Cliftonville) 74 75, A Taylor (City Of Derry) 73 76, G McDowell (Rathmore) 73 76, E Heywood (City Of Derry) 72 77, J Sutherland (Galgorm Castle) 72 77, M O’Donovan (Castlerock) 71 78, P Small (Bangor) 71 78, S Smyth (Co. Louth) 70 79, M Murnane (Royal Dublin) 70 79, J Crangle (Massereene) 70 79, T Coffey (Slieve Russell) 70 79

150 C Glynn (Carton House) 77 73, K Kempton (Galgorm Castle) 76 74, M Alden (Eaton) 75 75, P Sheldon (Edenmore) 75 75, S Henry (Royal Portrush) 73 77, J Finnegan (Royal Portrush) 73 77, A Hanley (Corrstown) 73 77, G Dunne (Seapoint) 73 77, D Baker (Downpatrick) 73 77, S Boles (Bangor) 73 77, C Brown (Royal Portrush) 72 78, S Poucher (Limerick) 70 80, G Baxter (Cairndhu) 69 81

151 C Johnston (Perranporth) 81 70, A Lowry (Esker Hills) 79 72, B Daly (Edmondstown) 79 72, J Lindsay (City Of Derry) 77 74, T O’Connor (Athlone) 74 77, A McGregor (Cushendall) 74 77, S Quigg (City Of Derry) 74 77, J Heaslip (Ballyclare) 74 77, B Cashman (Belvoir Park) 74 77, D Cummins (Co. Meath) 74 77, G McNally (Lurgan) 74 77, M Murphy (Enniscorthy) 74 77, M Wehrly (Strandhill) 73 78, D Reidy (Co. Sligo) 72 79, S Bryan (Delgany) 71 80

152 J Baker (Eaton) 79 73, G Hamill (Ardglass) 78 74, F Thain (West Linton) 78 74, P Gibb (Massereene) 77 75, G Clarke (Lurgan) 75 77, G Cohen (Beaverstown) 75 77, J Tisdale (Salina Kansas) 75 77, M McCann (Warrenpoint) 74 78, P Neville (Anry) 74 78, C Watt (Lurgan) 74 78, G Morrow (Lisburn) 74 78, M Thompson (Scrabo) 74 78, J Patmore (Lisburn) 74 78, L Moore (City Of Derry) 73 79, R Symington (Lisburn) 73 79, C Moulds (Lisburn) 73 79, S Brady (Co. Sligo) 72 80

153 S McCabe (Killeen) 80 73, J Hopkins (Skerries) 79 74, T Lindsay (Fortwilliam) 78 75, R Leonard (Banbridge) 78 75, C McGurgan (Co. Armagh) 77 76, M Gielty (Grange) 77 76, S Moore (Newbridge) 77 76, R McConnell (Belvoir Park) 76 77, G Moore (Lurgan) 75 78, S Coulter (Warrenpoint) 73 80, D Crawford (Moyola Park) 73 80, C Hull (Massereene) 73 80, S Jeffers (Castletown) 73 80, R Gordon (Donaghadee) 73 80, M Hammond (Moyola Park) 73 80, S Adamson (Royal Belfast) 73 80, B Hobson (Shandon Park) 72 81, M Welsh (Knock) 72 81

154 A Stevens (Spa) 78 76, B O’Reilly (Anry) 78 76, R McCullough (Massereene) 76 78, C Curran (Dundalk) 76 78, B Martin (Killymoon) 75 79, T Walker (Bray) 75 79, S Murray (Moyola Park) 74 80, D Close (South Beds) 74 80, M Gaynor (South Carolina) 74 80, D Congdon (Clontarf) 74 80, P Cullen (Royal Tara) 73 81, J Horan (Lurgan) 72 82, S Carter (Stackstown) 71 83, D Allen (Castlerock) 70 84, B Lupo (Sutton) 69 85

155 M Richards (Carton House) 81 74, G Managh (Knock) 80 75, L McMillan (Blessington Lakes) 78 77, J Barbeau (Trillium Wood) 77 78, R McNeill (Gracehill) 77 78, F Tallon (Lurgan) 76 79, J McDonald (Delgany) 76 79, J Gardner (Clandeboye) 75 80, P Kiernan (Delgany) 74 81, G Flynn (Delgany) 74 81, P Behan (St. Anne’s) 74 81, J Breen (Knock) 73 82, E McGuinness (East Clare) 71 84

156 N Boyd (Donaghadee) 79 77, S Hughes (Killymoon) 79 77, A Dillon (Carrickfergus) 77 79, M Timmins (Mount Wolseley) 76 80, M Dickson (Dunmurry) 76 80, A Daly (Arklow) 75 81, J Pollin (Royal Belfast) 73 83

157 G Arthur (Carrickfergus) 83 74, K Rooney (Headfort) 77 80, M Kelly (Massereene) 76 81, J Ward (Banbridge) 75 82, A Watt (Holywood) 74 83, A Lilley (Ballyclare) 74 83, L Connolly (Wexford) 74 83, L Gort (Castletown) 72 85, D O’Halloran (Royal Dublin) 69 88

158 J Mackay (Ballyclare) 83 75, B Stevens (Spa) 81 77, J Conroy (Bray) 77 81, R McLarnon (Fortwilliam) 76 82, P McLarnon (Fortwilliam) 76 82, N McClay (Cairndhu) 74 84

159 A Stewart (Portstewart) 82 77, C Kenny (Portmarnock) 78 81, B Campbell (Malone) 77 82, T Allan (Brampton Park) 77 82, S Hamill (Massereene) 75 84, J McCarthy (Portmarnock) 73 86

160 C Blaney (Co. Meath) 79 81, J Tobia (Woburn) 79 81, D Shaw (Belvoir Park) 74 86

161 P Agnew (Clandeboye) 78 83, C McGarry (Cairndhu) 78 83

162 M McGarry (Ballymena) 81 81, D Beggs (Castletown) 76 86

163 R Evans (Moyola Park) 77 86

164 J Hewitt (Tandragee) 80 84 168 S Bateson (Moyola Park) 79 89

178 S McAvoy (Belvoir Park) 90 88

NR A Coulter (Lisburn) 74 NR, D McGeough (North West) 75 NR, R O’Connor (Castle Dargan) 75 NR, J Patterson (Knock) 77 NR, A Goodrich (Galgorm Castle) 79 NR

RTD N Crawford (Mourne) 74 RTD

First qualifying round

Valley Links (Par 70)

65 Jack Hume (Rathsallagh)

66 Stephen Walsh (Portmarnock), Daniel Vaughan (Ardglass)

67 Matthew McClean (Balmoral)

67 Connor Doran (Banbridge), Stephen Speirs (Kooyonga), Reeve Whitson (Mourne)

68 Leon Fricker (Yelverton), Harry Diamond (Belvoir Park), Brian Casey (Headfort), Matthew Kane (Whitehead), Davey Barry (Mahon), Ian Brennan (Greenore), Graeme Laird (Clandeboye)

69 Gary McGrane (Royal Dublin), Nicky Grant (Knock), Paul Dunne (Greystones), Eoin O’Connor (Elm Park), William Hanna (Kilkeel), Matthew McAlpin (Royal Portrush), Alex Clapp (Enmore Park), Michael Reid (Galgorm Castle), Brendan Walton (Island), Keith Shannon (Greenore), Cormac Sharvin (Ardglass)

70 Derek Downie (Sutton), Darren Crowe (Dunmurry), Eddie McCormack (Galway), Theo Coffey (Slieve Russell), Dermot McElroy (Ballymena), Enda Cradock (Gort), Andrew Hogan (Newlands) Paddy Delaney (Arklow), Garth McGee (Cypress Point), Trevor Spence (Clandeboye), Mark Morrissey (Mount Wolseley), Gary Walsh (Mount Juliet), Michael Durcan (Co. Sligo), Leon Stevenson (Rathmore), Simon Ward (Co. Louth), Greg Mungovan (Headfort), Damien McCusker (Moyola Park)

71 Robert Cannon (Balbriggan), Rory McNamara (Headfort), Stephen Crowe (Dunmurry)Jonathan Yates (Naas), Patrick McCrudden (Royal Portrush), Michael Sinclair (Knock), Gary McDermott (Co. Sligo), Heath Riches (Kooyonga, Shaun Carter (Stackstown), Simon Bryan (Delgany), Aaron Grant (Dundalk), Patrick Small (Bangor), Colm Campbell (Warrenpoint), George Morris (Eaton), Tiarnan McLarnon (Massereene), Jamie Richardson (Royal Portrush), Andrew Morris (Belvoir Park)

72 Shuan O’Connor (Skerries), Declan O’Neill (Carton House), Jamie Sutherland (Galgorm Castle), John Turner (Royal Portrush), Simon Miskelly (Knock), Adrian Burns (Galgorm Castle), Steffan O’Hara (Co. Sligo), Barry Anderson (Co. Sligo), James Ashman (Worthing), Kealan Quigg (City Of Derry), Eugene Smith (Ardee), Ciaran Molloy (Ardee), Ernie Heywood (City Of Derry), Allan Kiernan (Forrest Little), Stephen Brady (Co. Sligo), Ben Best (Rathmore)

73 Sydney Henry (Royal Portrush), Jonny Gourley (Holywood, Barry Fitzsimons (Downpatrick), Dale Baker (Downpatrick), Ben Robinson (Vale), John Greene (Portmarnock), Stephen Garrett (Portstewart), Ian Moore (Dunmurry), Paul Cullen (Royal Tara), Colin Fairweather (Knock), John Finnegan (Royal Portrush), Graeme Dickson (Dunmurry), Gerard Dunne (Seapoint, Liam Ashby (Killerig), Damien McKenna (Foyle), Stephen Coulter (Warrenpoint), Ryan Symington (Lisburn), Conor O’Rourke (Naas/NUIM), Conor McGrogan (Newbridge), Alex McCloy (Ballymena), Aidan Faulkner (Donegal), Lester Moore (City Of Derry), Matt McKnight (LPGA Inter), Geoff Lenehan (Portmarnock), Ronan Burke (Castle), Joe Lyons (Birr), Keagan Cummings (Elm Park), Shaun Doherty (Ballyliffin)

74 Stuart Grehan (Tullamore), Thomas O’Connor (Athlone), Michael McCann (Warrenpoint), Ciaran Dunphy (Killeen Castle), Glenn McAuley (Dunmurry), Darren Close (South Beds), Barry Cashman (Belvoir Park), David Shaw (Belvoir Park), Mark Murphy (Enniscorthy), Noel Crawford (Mourne), David Sutton (Lurgan), Paul Fitzsimons (Downpatrick), Alan Lilley (Ballyclare), Tom Gandy (Rowany)

75 Ryan McKinstry (Cairndhu), James Tisdale (Salina Kansas), Philip Sheldon (Edenmore), David McGeough (North West), Phillip Tanham (Delgany), Matthew Alden (Eaton)

76 Paul O’Kane (Moyola Park), Ryan McCullough (Massereene), Aaron Kearney (Castlerock), Shane McGlynn (Carton House), Simon McConnell (Ballyclare), Conor Curran (Dundalk), Ross McConnell (Belvoir Park)

77 Randal Evans (Moyola Park), Michael Gielty (Grange), James Patterson (Knock), Conor Glynn (Carton House), Andrew Dillon (Carrickfergus)

78 Fraser Thain (West Linton), Lee McMillan (Blessington Lakes), Rory Leonard (Banbridge)

79 Neill Boyd (Donaghadee), Steven Hughes (Killymoon), Barry Daly (Edmondstown), Jr Tobia (Woburn), Jeff Hopkins (Skerries), Jon Baker (Eaton)

80 James Hewitt (Tandragee)

81 Mark Richards (Carton House), Michael McGarry (Ballymena), Chris Johnston (Perranporth)

83 Jonathan Mackay (Ballyclare)

89 Robert Emerson (Lurgan)

90 Stuart McAvoy (Belvoir Park)

NR Michael Rae (Rowany), Mark Murnane (Royal Dublin)

Dunluce Links (Par 72)

71 Colin Wilton (Banbridge), Chris Carroll (Shandon Park)

72 Alan Lowry (Esker Hills), Jonathan Connolly (Massereene), Seamus Cullen (Slieve Russell), Ally Purdy (Ballyclare)

73 Andrew Norrby (Balmoral), Jonathan Webster (Castle), Daryl Callister (Mount Murray), Chris Dunbar (Rathmore), Danny Sweeney (Westmanstown), Liam Mulligan (Stackstown), Joseph Timlin (Dungannon), Shane McCabe (Killeen)

74 Keith Kempton (Galgorm Castle), Gary Hamill (Ardglass), Gareth Lappin (Belvoir Park), Pearse McNickle (Castlerock), Liam Harnett (Milltown), Francis McGinn (Ballycastle), Eanna Griffin (Waterford), Graeme Arthur (Carrickfergus), James Kelly (Elm Park), Rory Houston (Rathmore), Luke O’Dwyer (Forrest Little), Danny Keddie (Belton Park), James Lindsay (City Of Derry)

75 Tiernan Lindsay (Fortwilliam), Cian Geraghty (Laytown & Bettystown), Colin Moffett (Cliftonville), Graeme McQueen (Roganstown), Stuart Winsby (Whitehead), Philip Gibb (Massereene), Glenn Managh (Knock), Ryan Fricker (Yelverton), Timothy Jordan (Dungannon)

76 George Armstrong (Ballyclare), Conor McGurgan (Co. Armagh), Stephen Watts (Cairndhu), Eamonn McDermott (Letterkenny), Ryan Long (Cairndhu), Alan Stevens (Spa), Aaron Taylor (City Of Derry), Adam Doran (Ardee), Neil McKinstry (Cairndhu), Ian Ross (Whitehead), Niall Worth (Island), Stephen Moore (Newbridge), Gary McDowell (Rathmore), Brian Galway (Cairndhu), Eoghan O’Donovan (Craddockstown), Brian O’Reilly (Anry), Graham McDonnell (Mill Ride)

77 Liam Hutchinson (Royal Dublin), Adam Hanley (Corrstown), Alistair McGregor (Cushendall), Barry Stevens (Spa), Sean Quigg (City Of Derry), Jonathan Heaslip (Ballyclare), Ansley Stewart (Portstewart), Steven Quinlan (Killeen), Gary Clarke (Lurgan), Peter Crawley (Carton House), Stephen Boles (Bangor), Gerard Cohen (Beaverstown), Dan Cummins (Co. Meath), Gary McNally (Lurgan), John Robinson (Royal Portrush), Paul McCabrey (Lurgan)

78 Patrick Neville (Anry), Michael O’Donovan (Castlerock), Stuart Bleakley (Balmoral), Daniel Daly (Castle Hume), Christopher Watt (Lurgan), Jim Barbeau (Trillium Wood), Chris Brown (Royal Portrush), Mark Wehrly (Strandhill), Gary Morrow (Lisburn), Robert McNeill (Gracehill), Jonathan Taylor (Shandon Park), Michael Thompson (Scrabo), Jordan Patmore (Lisburn), Gareth Moore (Lurgan), Conor McCaughey (Dungannon)

79 Shane Smyth (Co. Louth), Declan Reidy (Co. Sligo), Mark Murnane (Royal Dublin), Francis Tallon (Lurgan), Joe Crangle (Massereene), Chris Moulds (Lisburn), John McDonald (Delgany), Alan Goodrich (Galgorm Castle), Ryan O’Doherty (Enniscrone), Bryan Martin (Killymoon), Tommy Walker (Bray)

80 Sean O’Connor (Carton House/NUIM), Keith Rooney (Headfort), Thomas Fay (Rush), Stephen Murray (Moyola Park), Mark Timmins (Mount Wolseley), Dean Crawford (Moyola Park), Mark Gaynor (South Carolina), Sean Poucher (Limerick), Colin Hull (Massereene), Stephen Jeffers (Castletown), Simon Lyttle (Royal Portrush), Ryan Gordon (Donaghadee), Mark Hammond (Moyola Park), Daragh Congdon (Clontarf), Michael Dickson (Dunmurry), Stephen Adamson (Royal Belfast), John Gardner (Clandeboye)

81 Pierse Kiernan (Delgany), Mervyn Kelly (Massereene), Colum Kenny (Portmarnock), Gary Flynn (Delgany), Alan Daly (Arklow), Barry Hobson (Shandon Park), John Conroy (Bray), Ciaran Blaney (Co. Meath), Matthew Welsh (Knock), Paul Behan (St. Anne’s), Glenn Baxter (Cairndhu)

82 Jonathan Breen (Knock), James Horan (Lurgan), Byron Campbell (Malone), Ryan McLarnon (Fortwilliam), Tyrone Allan (Brampton Park), Paul McLarnon (Fortwilliam), Johnny Ward (Banbridge)

83 Alan Watt (Holywood), James Pollin (Royal Belfast), Philip Agnew (Clandeboye), Leo Connolly (Wexford), Colin McGarry (Cairndhu), A.J. Crinion (Slade Valley)

84 Nicholas McClay (Cairndhu), Stephen Hamill (Massereene), Eoin McGuinness (East Clare), David Allen (Castlerock), Lord Gort (Castletown)

85 Bruno Lupo (Sutton)

86 Josh McCarthy (Portmarnock), Donald Beggs (Castletown)

88 David O’Halloran (Royal Dublin)

89 Stephen Bateson (Moyola Park)

91 Stephen Pickering (Turnhouse)

NR Richard Moore (Carrickfergus), Rory O’Connor (Castle Dargan), Andrew Coulter (Lisburn)