"When he four-putted the 12th, he looked like he wanted to leave" - Cabrera

Argentine ace Angel Cabrera has told Rory McIlroy he will win multiple Masters titles.

But ‘El Pato’ confessed that he didn’t “feel sorry” for the youngster when he crashed and burned as they played together in the final round last year.

Recalling McIlroy’s implosion, Cabrera said: “No, I didn’t feel sorry for him. Because when I play bad, nobody feels sorry for me. It was a shame, but I didn’t feel bad for him.

“I knew it was going to be hard for him. When we got done, I told him, ‘This is a tournament you can win many times.’”

The didn’t talk on the way round Augusta National that day. Words wouldn’t have helped.

Cabrera added: “He really didn’t play that bad until the 10th hole. He still had a chance after the first nine holes. The 10th hole was his downfall. After that, he just disappeared.

“When he four-putted the 12th, he looked like he wanted to leave.”

McIlroy reckons that playing with a fast player like Cabrera made it harder for him to slow things down when he was under pressure.

But Cabrera dismissed that argument, insisting: “No, no, no. That had nothing to do with it. Every week you get a ruling or something happens and you have to wait.”