"W * * * * r !" - G-Mac loses it with Mashed Potatoes Man

Graeme McDowell became a bit more of cult hero for normal golf fans on SundayGraeme McDowell is “fed up” with loudmouth golf fans who shout “Get in the hole” and “Mashed potatoes.”

And he even lost it briefly after he hit a crucial shot in Sunday’s dramatic World Challenge victory in California when he made a naughty gesture and appeared to call a fan a “w****r.”

Even if he said what everyone else was thinking at the time, McDowell later confessed on Twitter that he his explicit gesture to Mashed Potato Man was a mistake.

He tweeted: “Thanks for all the messages guys. Fun weekend. Oops on the signal to “mashed potato guy” but it gets a little annoying after a while.”

At least he didn’t have to deal with being labelled a cheat, unlike his final round partner Keegan Bradley, who was heckled on Saturday because he uses the doomed, anchored putting style.

G-Mac rapped: “Let’s hope there’s not too much more of that going on out there.  

“I’m kind of fed up with all this ‘mashed potatoes’ and all this rubbish that the crowd are kind of enjoying shouting right now.

“Keegan had a guy out there who was ‑ after every shot - he was yabba dabba do’ing and it was just stupid.  
“It’s not a lot of fun and it’s kind of becoming a little bit of a cool thing to do for the spectators.  

“It kind of gives them their two or three seconds of fame. But it gets a little frustrating for everyone.”

A fan yelled out “Mashed potatoes” followed by “Get in the hole” as McDowell hit a 120 yard wedge to 10 feet at the par-five 16th.

He was just two shots ahead at the time and clearly didn’t appreciate the “support” as he turned away making a hand gesture and mouthing the word “w****r”.