A classic beer ad from 1951 featuring Ben Hogan. Given the shocking revelations about Tiger Woods’ private life, who knows how professional golfers really relax at the 19th hole.

But former actress and model turned golf writer Elisa Gaudet has done her best to get a glimpse behind the scenes in “Two Good Rounds - 19th Hole Stories from the World’s Greatest Golfers.”

Available on Amazon.com in hardback and on Kindle, it’s a collection of stories about the 19th hole habits of
“36 of the world’s greatest male and female golfers.”

They include Darren Clarke, Graeme McDowell and Ireland’s most famous near teetotaler, Pádraig Harrington who singles out the grill room at Royal Dublin as his favourite 19th hole (does it still exist?).

“I love the spike bar in Royal Dublin Golf Club,” Harrington explains. “It is very small so there is always a good atmosphere, and being so enclosed makes it a very warm and enjoyable place to be on a cold winter’s day.”

All 36 players are asked about their favourite tipple - Clarke chose Guinness, of course - while McDowell confessed that he has one at home and another in the US. And his favourite 19th hole celebration? The 2010 US Open knees up is an obvious favourite. Myself and colleague cadged a lift with McDowell to Brophy’s Tavern in Carmel but stayed just a few minutes as the eight hour time difference with Ireland and the impending follow up stories forced us to flee for the hotel earlier than planned.

“I was with my family and friends and I may have been the drunkest man on earth,” McDowell recalls.  “The next day when I woke up and saw the trophy on the table in my room and thought this is a really great hangover. I had to pinch myself.”

Graeme McDowell, beer in hand, arrives at his Cannery Row hotel just hours after winning the 2010 US Open at Pebble Beach. After a quick change he was off to Brophy’s Tavern in Carmel for a night to remember.Arnold Palmer and John Daly are two golfers to have drinks named in their honour though Arnie’s half lemonade, half iced tea is famous nationwide in the US unlike the “John Daly” (bascially an Arnold Palmer with vodka) which is available at Miacomet Golf Club in Nantucket next time you’re passing.

What would you put in a “Darren Clarke”? Suggestions on a postcard please…