Before the party. Colsaerts, Graeme McDowell and Peter Hanson before pose at Medinah before heading back to the team hotel. Picture: Fran Caffrey/www.golffile.ieBig hitter Nicolas Colsaerts was the all-night Ryder Cup party animal after vice-captain Darren Clarke crashed out early after just four glasses of wine.

The Ulsterman, 44, celebrated for nearly a week after winning the 2011 Open.

But while he sank pints all night at The K Club in the 2006 Ryder Cup, he bowed out early in Chicago leaving former wild child Colsaerts - self-appointed Dude to the European team - to keep the celebrations going until dawn.

Clarke claimed: “I had four glasses of wine and went to bed early. It is not the same when you are  vice captain as opposed to playing. It is a lot different. It was not my gig.

“They had a good time. I’m not sure what state Lee Westwood is in but I’m sure he’s not the only one.

“It is a completely different thing being a vice captain as opposed to a player. We were only on the radio reporting. We weren’t hitting any shots.”

The triumphant European team was exhausted after pulling off the greates Ryder Cup comeback ever achieved on away soil.

And former DJ Colsaerts, who reformed his wild ways to become a Ryder Cup star, was in the thick of the champagne splashed singsong.

Asked who was the worse for wear, 29-year old Colsaerts said: “I’ve not seen anyone so I can’t tell. A few of us looked really good. When you have done it as hard as I did, you never lose it.”

Skipper Jose Maria Olazabal was adamant that things did not get out of hand, insisting: “Everybody behaved. Obviously there were guys who had a couple of drinks.

“Everyone was really tired. It’s been a long week. It was really tough and heavy. I think everyone was just relieved with the outcome. They were just enjoying it, nothing wild.

“I actually had a couple of glasses of Spanish wine for dinner and then one gin and tonic. And that was it. We all had dinner together. We spent quite a bit of the night together. Everyone was there.”

US skipper Davis Love made a brief appearance with a couple of players to congratulate Europe but didn’t stay long.

But that didn’t stop the European entourage from launching a sing-sing with fancy dress wigs for the conquering heroes.

Rory McIlroy was given a massive, over-sized clock by Ollie to remind him never to be late for his Ryder Cup tee-time again.

Westwood’s caddie Mike Kerr said: “I couldn’t tell you what time the party broke up – the big joke all night was that it didn’t matter what time
we went to bed, because we were all on Rory time.”

Former DJ Colsaerts added: “I haven’t slept. But I’ll be alright. This used to be my first job so it’s okay.”

Asked where the party ranked, he said: “It was just the length of it, the intensity of it after all that work.

“We were just stretching it out and stretching it out. I don’t know how bumpy this plane ride is going to be but I might give it 10 out of 10.

“It was just a good old fashioned party with drinks flying in the air and other stupid stuff going on.

“There were a few Diana Ross wigs and things like that. Frankie Molinari was wearing a blonde one which made him look like Marilyn Monroe!

“There was champagne flowing but no jagerbombs. We’re all getting a little old-fashioned.”

As for the skipper, he was simply relieved to win after such an emotional week.

Ollie said: “It’s hell, it’s just torture and you can’t do anything.

“One minute you’re thinking, ‘Right, that’s it, it’s over.’ And the next minute it’s, ‘Hang about, we still have a chance.’ It’s very hard.”