Edmondstown’s 18th.Earlier this year Edmondstown based professional Gareth McShea undertook a series of elite training sessions in Smithtown Landing Golf Club, New York with renowned golf coach Michael Hebron, writes Shaun McBride

As a result of these sessions Michael Hebron and Susan Berdoy-Meyers have agreed to come to Ireland to deliver a number of exclusive seminars at Edmondstown Golf Club this September.

Michael Hebron has authored a number of seminal books on golf coaching, and has won the PGA Teacher of the Year Award in the US as well as numerous other accolades. He is considered one of the pioneers in modern golf coaching. Susan Berdoy-Meyers, a former LPGA player, is a co-founder of Neuro Learning for Golf and is listed as one of “Golf for Women Magazine” Top 50 Instructors.

Together, Michael and Susan will deliver a series of seminars for golfers, both professional and amateurs. These seminars launch, with an evening seminar for amateur golfers on Sunday 25th September at 7pm.  

On Monday 26th September at 9am, Michael and Susan will host a golf school for amateurs. On Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th PGA Professional are invited to a two day seminar focusing on Neuro Learning for Golf.

This is a wonderful opportunity for both professional and amateur players alike to learn from two teachers leading the way in 21st century coaching.

Gareth explains more:

“We want to bring the very latest in coaching methodology to Ireland. We want to show that we are at the cutting edge of golf coaching. Mike Hebron has a stellar career in the golf industry and has spoken all over the world.

“With NLG we want to give people a chance to experience other coaching methods, allowing students to utilise a “learn for themselves” approach rather than the ‘how to’ ‘quick fix’ approach that has been rife in the golf industry in the past.”

The events will be held exclusively at Edmonstown Golf Club.

Amateur Seminar:  Sunday September 25th @ 7pm Tickets €50

Golf School: Monday 26th September @ 9am Tickets €150

PGA Professional 2 day Seminar: Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th September costing €300

Professionals will earn 50cdp points for attending.

For further information contact Gareth McShea Tel: 014931082
E-mail: edmondstownproshop@gmail.com