Rory McIlroy at Atlanta Athletic Club on Wednesday. Picture by Fran Caffrey www.golffile.ieRory McIlroy neatly sidestepped an Olympic sized problem at the US PGA.

Asked about the return of golf to the Olympic Games in Brazil in 2016, he said:  “It would be a huge honor to represent …. your country in the Olympics.  It would be a great achievement to win a Gold Medal.”

Two years ago at Hazeltine, McIlroy said: “I’d probably play for Great Britain. I have a British passport. It’s a bit of an awkward question still.”

But after landing himself in hot water that time, he made sure not to name his preferred country this time and opt for Ireland or Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

He said: “Basically, if I’m going to be honest like I usually am, whatever I say it’s going to upset someone.

“So I may as well say ‘I don’t know’ and wait until four or five years’ time when I have to make a decision.”

Sportsmen from Northern Ireland have the option of representing either Ireland or Great Britain and Northern Ireland at the Olympics.