Graeme McDowell is looking for a spark. Picture by Fran Caffrey www.golffile.ieGraeme McDowell has gone completely mental in his bid to end his major slump.

Last year’s US Open champion admits his game needs “a spark” after missing the cut in two of the three majors this year. And that’s why he’s asked US shrink Dr Brett McCabe to help him in Atlanta this week.

Fed up blowing his top when things go wrong, McDowell said: “I just felt like I needed to hear something a bit different.

“We talked about what’s been going wrong this year from a focus point of view which has been putting too much pressure on myself.

“My expectations have been way up there  and my patience levels have been way down there. It’s just some clarity of thought really.

“It’s sports science not rocket science but every now and again we need to get some direction and structure in the way we are thinking and so I just brought him in to freshen my mind a little bit.”

McDowell brought in Irish coach Tristan Mullally to work with him on his short game and putting in Akron last week but insisted he’s not searching blindly for his game.

He said: “I just need a little spark. I’m not a million miles away from playing great - I’m just looking for someone to flick my trigger.”

Without a top-10 in a strokeplay event since March, McDowell’s biggest fear is Atlanta Athletic Club’s terrifying closing stretch.

Bracing himself for a run that starts with at 260-yard par three 15th and ends with a hellish, 507-yard par four, he said: “The last four holes are brutal. The 15th is one of the hardest par threes you’ll ever see.

“With water right, the left bunker there going to be more popular than the beer tents this week and 18 is a real ball tightener.”