Connacht and Leinster scored their first wins of the 2011 Interprovincial Championship to set up a thrilling final day at County Sligo today, writes the GUI’s Alan Kelly.

Connacht had trailed Munster by 3-1 after the morning foursomes but staged a fightback in the afternoon singles to win 6-5, the same score Leinster beat Ulster by in a ding-dong battle throughout the day.
Munster took immediate control of the foursomes against Connacht, and found themselves up in three and level in one at the turn.

But Barry Anderson and Eddie McCormack finished level with Pat Murray and Ian O’Rourke to avoid a wipeout for Connacht. Niall Gorey and Gary O’Flaherty were 4/3 victors over Gary McDermott and Kelan McDonagh, and Sean Barry and David O’Donovan hit top form to beat Steffan O’Hara and Sean Cannon 7/6.

In the bottom match, Kieran Hurley and Ed Stack finished all square with Michael Durcan and Joe Lyons to leave Munster 3-1 up at lunchtime.

In the singles, however, victories for Eddie McCormack, Gary McDermott, Steffan O’Hara, Kelan McDonagh and Joe Lyons offset the Munster victories by Niall Gorey and Ian O’Rourke to give Connacht the most narrow of leads going into the final day.

Meanwhile, Leinster showed an immediate desire to overturn their defeat on Day 1 when Eoin Arthurs and Richard O’Donovan beat Connor Doran and Harry Diamond 3/2. John Greene and Craig Martin added to Leinster’s tally with a 2/1 victory over Nicky Grant and Wayne Telford.

Reeve Whitson and Aaron Kearney beat the Headfort partnership of Rory McNamara and Brian Casey by 5/4, with Luke Lennox and Colm Campbell earning a half against Paul Dunne and Stephen Walsh.

That left Leinster one ahead going into the singles, and after a tense tussle on a windy afternoon, that’s the way it remained.

Eoin Arthurs continued his good form in the top match beating Reeve Whitson, and although Harry Diamond produced a strong performance to beat Richard O’Donovan, Paul Dunne continued to cement his reputation as a good finisher by beating Connor Doran on the final green. Aaron Kearney beat Brian Casey to give Ulster a chance, and Luke Lennox’s victory on the 17th against Stephen Walsh left things delicately balanced.

However, Rory McNamara was victorious on the 17th against Colm Campbell, and when Craig Martin secured a half against Nicky Grant, Leinster were victorious.

Elsewhere, Leinster maintained their momentum in the Boys Interprovincial Championship with victory over Ulster in a very close encounter.

After taking a one-point lead into the singles, victories for Jack Hume, Gavin Moynihan and Liam Harnett, and half-points for Keagan Cummings, against Tim Jordan, and Ross Young against Matt McClean, offset the Ulster victories of Jamie Richardson and Matthew Kane.

Meanwhile, Connacht fought Munster to a draw in the other match. After taking a 2-1 lead from the foursomes, the home side appeared under pressure when Gary Hurley and Kieran Lynch scored early victories for Munster.

However, Enda Craddock and Declan Reidy put Connacht back in contention with wins of their own, and after Jack Leacy and Robin Dawson scored victories to give Munster the lead once more, Alex Gleeson returned a 3/2 victory to ensure the match ended in a draw.


Wednesday 20 July 2011

Ulster 5 Leinster 6 (Ulster names first)

Foursomes: Connor Doran & Harry Diamond lost to Eoin Arthurs & Richard O’Donovan 3/2; Aaron Kearney & Reeve Whitson beat Rory McNamara & Brian Casey 5/4; Luke Lennox & Colm Campbell halved with Paul Dunne & Stephen Walsh; Nicky Grant & Wayne Telford lost to John Greene & Craig Martin 2/1

Singles: Reeve Whitson lost to Eoin Arthurs 4/3; Harry Diamond beat Richard O’Donovan 6/5; Connor Doran lost to Paul Dunne 1 hole; Aaron Kearney beat Brian Casey 3/2; Luke Lennox beat Stephen Walsh 2/1; Nicky Grant halved with Craig Martin; Colm Campbell lost to Rory McNamara 2/1

Munster 5 Connacht 6 (Munster names

Foursomes: Pat Murray & Ian O’Rourke halved with Barry Anderson & Eddie McCormack; Niall Gorey & Gary O’Flaherty beat Gary McDermott & Kelan McDonagh 4/3; Sean Barry & David O’Donovan beat Steffan O’Hara & Sean Cannon 7/6; Kieran Hurley & Ed Stack halved with Michael Durcan & Joe Lyons

Singles: Pat Murray lost to Eddie McCormack 5/4; Niall Gorey beat Michael Durcan 2 holes; Sean Barry lost to Gary McDermott 3/1; David O’Donovan lost to Steffan O’Hara 3/2; Gary O’Flaherty lost to Kelan McDonagh 3/2; Kieran Hurley lost to Joe Lyons 1 hole; Ian O’Rourke beat Barry Anderson 4/3



Wednesday 20 July 2011

Leinster 6 Ulster 4 (Leinster names first)

Foursomes: Jack Hume & Alan Lowry beat William Russell & Matthew Kane 2/1; Conor Glynn & Ross Young halved with Tim Jordan & John Ross Galbraith; Keagan Cummings & Gavin Moynihan halved with Ryan McKinstry & Matt McClean

Singles: Conor Glynn lost to Jamie
Richardson 1 hole; Jack Hume beat William Russell 1 hole; Keagan Cummings halved with Tim Jordan; Gavin Moynihan beat John Ross Galbraith 4/2; Liam Harnett beat Ryan McKinstry 2/1; Alan Lowry lost to Matthew Kane 4/2; Ross Young halved with Matt McClean

Munster 5 Connacht 5 (Munster names first)

Foursomes: Gary Hurley & Eoin Harris beat Alex Gleeson & Sean Flanagan 2/1; Kieran Lynch & Colm O’Sullivan lost to Enda Craddock & Dan O’Connor 2 holes; Jack Leacy & Robin Dawson lost to Declan Reidy & Thomas Finnegan 1 hole

Singles: Gary Hurley beat Sean Flanagan 4/3; Kieran Lynch beat Thomas Finnegan 4/2; Jack Ryan lost to Enda Craddock 2 holes; Jack Leacy beat Dan O’Connor 2/1; Eoin Harris lost to Declan Reidy 4/3; Robin Dawson beat Ronan Mullarney 3/2; Colm O’Sullivan lost to Alex Gleeson 3/2


Thursday 21 July 2011

(1st tee)

Ulster v Munster (Ulster names first)

0800: Reeve Whitson & Aaron Kearney v
Niall Gorey & Gary O’Flaherty
0807: Harry Diamond & Connor Doran v Pat Murray & Ian O’Rourke
0815: Luke Lennox & Nicky Grant v Sean Barry & David O’Donovan
0822: Colm Campbell & Wayne Telford v Kieran Hurley & Ed Stack

1300: Harry Diamond v Niall Gorey
1307: Reeve Whitson v Ian O’Rourke
1315: Aaron Kearney v Sean Barry
1322: Connor Doran v David O’Donvoan
1330: Luke Lennox v Pat Murray
1337: Nicky Grant v Ed Stack
1345: Colm Campbell v Gary O’Flaherty

Conancht v Leinater (Connacht names first)
0830: Barry Anderson & Eddie McCormack v Eoin Arthurs & Richard O’Donovan
0837: Steffan O’Hara & Sean Cannon v Paul Dunne & Stephen Walsh
0845: Gary McDermott & Kelan McDonagh v John Greene & Craig Martin
0852: Michael Durcan & Joe Lyons v Rory McNamara & Brian Casey

1352: Eddie McCormack v Eoin Arthurs
1400: Barry Anderson v Paul Dunne
1407: Gary McDermott v Richard O’Donovan
1415: Michael Durcan v Stephen Walsh
1422: Steffan O’Hara v John Greene
1430: Kelan McDonagh v Craig Martin
1437: Joe Lyons v Rory McNamara


Thursday 21 July 2011

Ulster v Connacht (Ulster names first)

(10th tee)

0730: Ryan McKinstry & Matt McClean v Declan Reidy & Thomas Finnegan
0737: Tim Jordan & John Ross Galbraith v Enda Craddock & Dan O’Connor
0745: Matthew Kane & William Russell v Alex Gleeson & Sean Flanagan

1300: Ryan McKinstry v Declan Reidy
1307: Jamie Richardson v Sean Flanagan
1315: William Russell v Enda Craddock
1322: Tim Jordan v Ronan Mullarney
1330: John Ross Galbraith v Thomas Finnegan
1337: Matthew Kane v Dan O’Connor
1345: Matt McClean v Alex Gleeson

Leinster v Munster (Leinster names first)

0800: Jack Hume & Alan Lowry v Jack Leacy & Jack Ryan
0807: Gavin Moynihan & Keagan Cummings v Gary Hurley & Eoin Harris
0815: Conor Glynn & Ross Young v Kieran Lynch & Robin Dawson:

1352: Liam Harnett v Colm O’Sullivan
1400: Conor Glynn  v Gary Hurley
1407: Jack Hume v Kieran Lynch
1415: Alan Lowry v Jack Leacy
1422: Keagan Cummings v Jack Ryan
1430: Ross Young v Eoin Harris
1437: Gavin Moynihan v Robin Dawson