McIlroy in love match with Caroline Wozniacki

Rory McIlroy has split with long-time girlfriend Holly Sweeney and made a love match with world tennis No 1 Caroline Wozniacki according to sources close to the player.

In a statement issued on Monday by the Holywood star’s management company, International Sports Management: “Rory McIlroy’s long-time relationship with Holly Sweeney came to an amicable end before the Open Championship.”

Sources close to McIlroy confirmed last night that he has formed “a close friendship” with 21-year old Danish star Wozniacki. Pictures of the pair kissing in London on Monday have been widely published on the internet.

McIlroy made two visits to Wimbledon to watch the tennis following his US Open triumph four weeks ago but is believed to have met Wozniacki at the World Heavyweight title fight between David Haye and Wladimir Klitschko in Hamburg on July 2.

US Open McIlroy admitted that he made a triple bogey when he broke off his long term relationship with his childhood sweetheart Holly at the start of the season to concentrate on his golf.

“I have known Holly for six years, and for a 22 year old that is a big part of my life,” he said recently. “At the start of the year I wanted to focus on my game, and just take a break or whatever.

“But I realised pretty quickly that I had made a mistake, and I had to do a lot of begging and grovelling to get her back.

“She is fantastic. She definitely keeps my feet on the ground, and she knows me better basically than anyone else. I have spent so much time with her and she knows the things to say to me.

“She has been such a great support, and it was great to get back home and see her and spend time with her. She takes my mind off golf and everything else that is going on.”

The couple lived together at McIlroy’s €2.2 million, 13-acre hideaway outside Belfast.