Ballyclare’s Gareth Maybin might be a serious European Tour pro but he likes to have fun too and showed off a little for his sponsors Sportsrisq with an entertaining trick shot routine at his home club recently.

Watch out for the clip that shows him almost decipitate Neil McLaughlin from Horizon Sports Management before pulling off a daring William Tell “Coke Can” shot.

Earlier this year, Maybin agreed a sponsorship deal with sports risk advisory Sportsrisq Capital that includes bonus payments of up to $50m.

To pocket the cash, the 30-year old Ballyclare golfer would have to produce a series of performances worthy of Tiger Woods at the very height of his powers - multiple major wins, PGA Tour wins, money list victories and so on.

Sportsrisq Capital’s business is to insure contracts so that companies do not have to bear the full brunt of the massive add-on bonuses they could be liable to pay in the event of a sports figure or team having a bumper year.