Play tour golf from the comfort of your home club

Let’s face it, playing on tour is beyond most of us. In fact, even playing open week competitions is a bit of a stretch in tough economic times.

But if you really feel like testing yourself against players from other parts of Ireland, you can always sign up for the VGA Tour.

Simply register with the VGA Tour, pay a €50 entry fee and play in your usual club events. Your scores will be used to compete in a league that will run over the summer months with the top players qualifying for the Tour Challenge Final on the Montgomerie Course at Carton House on October 8.

Only 20 player will qualify for the Challenge Final – 18 nett and two gross qualifiers. But you will be able to choose your best six rounds out of eight in any singles GUI qualifying competition from May 1st through to August 31st.

Unfortantely, I meant to post this piece several days ago. All nominated scoring rounds must be registered before the round begins, so today’s great singles score can’t be nominated after the fact.

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