I’m not old enough to remember Walter Hagen or Jimmy Demaret and tragically, Payne Stewart no longer struts the fairways in all his knickerbocker glory. Gone, too, is Ben Hogan - a man with a sense of style even sharper than his swing.

The new millennium has seen some new stars shine brightly. Yet there are some old glories out there who still turn heads. For what it’s worth, here’s my list of the top 5 dressers on tour. They may not be winning majors right now, but they are grand slam champions when it comes to picking out a wardrobe.

Ian Poulter – Possibly a controversial pick, but I’m sticking with it! 

I’m not about to tell you that Poulter has not had the odd fashion faux pas over the years (a quick internet search of the words ‘Ian Poulter Gold Outfit’ will lead you to pictures of a truly horrific outfit he wore in India several years ago) but the man has style.

The Claret Jug pants, the Union Jack pants, the Stars and Stripes pants and the doctored Arsenal shirt are all winners, and has any golfer ever looked better in pink?

Camilo Villegas – The Columbian is one of those men who would look ultra-cool in anything, helped greatly by his model-like South American looks.

His tight-fitting shirts would not be a wise choice for some of his peers on Tour but he pulls them off with aplomb. 

Under contract to some of the most fashionable designers currently in the game, the chances are that if Villegas is wearing it then millions of golfers around the world will want to wear it to.


John Daly – Another controversial pick but nobody can argue that Daly brightened up the European Tour last year.

The John Daly of ‘09 was unlike any we had seen before. A closely shaven head, sunglasses and a range of trousers that ranged from pink, orange and red diamonds to green and yellow stripes.

The fact he often had the lovely Anna Cladakis wandering close by in a matching mini-skirt did nothing to harm how good he looked!


Ryo Ishikawa – In the world’s top 50 at age 18, adored by millions around the world and in Asia specifically and blessed with good looks, the fact Ryo Ishikawa knows how to dress pretty much means he has it all.

Not afraid to wear loud colours or imaginative patterns, Ishikawa is the latest in a generation of golfers who are striving to distance themselves from the khaki masses who seemed to have grown dominant over the last decade.

Davis Love III – Is there a more classy dressing golfer in the world than Davis Love III?

When Ralph Lauren were on the look out for golfers to sponsor they could not have asked for someone more suitable than the veteran American.

Love III looks like a classic golfer, with block colours or traditional stripes he always looks elegant on the golf course. Don’t believe me? The one and only Johan Lindeberg once said that Love was the best-dressed tour pro not to be wearing his products.