McHenry has homework for McIlroy

Former Walker Cup and European Tour player John McHenry has just begun an interesting series in the Irish Examiner analysing the performances of Ireland’s tour players and suggesting what they might need to improve in 2011.

His first piece on Padraig Harrington said what’s already been said here and elsewhere - the three-time major winner’s obsession with adding distance off the tee has made him more innacurate and he must find a way to hit more fairways and quickly.

But the second installment on Rory McIlroy buries a few interesting remarks on the Holywood starlet’s team, both on and off the course.

They are sure to come as no surprise to ISM who confessed this year that McIlroy’s caddie might not be the best in the world, “but he is certainly one of the better caddies in the world and for Rory he is definitely the best caddie in the world.”

Yes, McIlroy needs to improves his putting and his short game generally, but McHenry thinks that he also needs more help with his course management and his scheduling:

So, if I were Rory, what are the key areas I would address in the close season to make myself more competitive? ….

(4) I need to address the performance of my team in terms of giving myself the best opportunities to perform. For example, is my caddy performing to the best of his ability (right advice at the right time, correct yardages, keeping me focused on the course?) and are my management team providing me with the right schedule to optimise my performance, particularly around the majors?

The great thing when looking at McIlroy is that he has so much more room for improvement. He is still on a steep learning curve to get consistently up to the top tear of professional golfers and major champions, but I feel his dedication coupled with some sound management should see him there in the not-too-distant future.

Can anyone see McIlroy changing caddie or management company in the not-too-distant- future?