Rory McIlroy has answered dozens of questions from his Twitter followers.

The answers were highly revealing. Not only did we learn that he will play twice in Florida next season, at the Honda Classic and Doral, we also discovered that he thinks Rickie Fowler should win the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year award. Other topics covered include hair, farting, George Best, chat up lines, Harry Potter and the next British player to win a major - himself.

What’s your favourite golf course?
St. Andrews

Ryder cup win or Open win?
Open win!!

Was there any sport you could have played?
Not really, golf was my only option!

When you changing your hair back to normal colour?
Getting more blonde in it next week!

How good did it feel to get a half with Cink in the Ryder Cup?
Not as good as a win But every little helps!

How many PGA events are you going to play next year?
10 I think.

Heard you carry two iPhones with you. True?
True! One for UK, one for the US.

Any interest in being named PGA Tour rookie of the year?
No! @RickieFowlerPGA should get it!

What’s your favourite thing about living in Northern Ireland?
Support from the people and the weather!! Haha.

Which event you most looking forward to in 2011?
The Masters, always a special week!

Who do you admire most outside of sport?
Our troops everywhere in the world!

Rory what age were you when you start playing/got your first club?
18 months

Ever shouted ‘4’ whilst playing pro?
All the time!

Have you ever dropped your ball on your marker in a play-off? Wouldn’t that be silly?!

Scholes or Keane?

Ronaldo or Messi?
Who or what keeps you grounded??
Being home with friends and family.

Cats or dogs?

Who’s your favourite Rugby Team and player?
Ulster and @darrencave13

Ever farted on the golf course?!?
Haha, how else do u think i release the pressure!

What have you got your girlfriend for her birthday?
Can’t say she will see this!

If McDowell can shoot 59 on Rathmore how much lower can you go there?
At least a couple better! Haha.

What hogwarts house in Harry Potter would you see yourself in?
Favorite course in western Ireland?
Rosses Point.

Are you an X Factor fan?
Yes! Delighted wagner as gone!!

What’s your clubhead speed and smashfactor with a driver?
122 and 1.50

How funny is @Graeme_McDowell’s Alabama twang ha?
Hilarious!! Haha

If some1 asks a stupid Q will u still answer??

Most played song on mp3/computer?
Miami 2 ibiza, swedish house mafia

Who has the best swing on euro tour? (other than your good self!!).
Charl Schwartzel

Do you ever wish you played another sport????
Would have loved to play rugby!

What do you drive?
Range rover and R8 spyder

Favourite airline?
Can’t beat BA first.

Ever been to a Belfast Giants game?
Never been! Would like to though!

FIFA or Pro-Evolution?

Who is your favourite SSN reader. We all have one?

Do u follow UFC???
Not really but love watching it!

Are you a F1 fan? Got a favourite driver/team?
Yes! Hamilton and McLaren
What are you hoping to get for Christmas?
Hair straighteners!! Haha only kidding.

Are you coming to play in Florida next year Rory?
Yes, Honda Classic and Doral.

Is it OK to hit a driver on a par 3?
Never! Wheres ur dignity!!

Coffee or tea?!

Any Justin Beiber in your MP3?
No way!!!!

Favorite tournament excluding majors?
The Memorial

Favorite shot to hit/go to shot under pressure?
Hard fade.

Who is your favorite NBA Team?
Miami heat and that’s going back 10 years!

iPhone or Blackberry?

Will Tiger beat Jack’s record?
Ask Tiger!

If u could only win one major which one and what course?
The Open at St Andrews.

If you could spend one day with.. George Best or Seve?
George Best!

Rory what do you think about tiger blanking the world #1 on twitter??;)
Bad form!

Will you finish within 10 majors of Tiger when it’s all said and done?
I hope so!!

Who’s hair is better? Yours or Rickie’s?
Both terrible haha.

What targets for next year?
Wins and more wins!

RT @bubbawatson@McIlroyRory did you color your hair???
Blondes have more fun bubba!

Beef or Chicken?

Do u have a girlfriend????
Yes i do! And it’s her birthday tomorrow!

Who do u think should be next United manager? Roy Keane?
Can’t answer that one! Maybe Mourinho?

Harry Porter or Lord of the Rings?
Harry Potter!

Is swimming a good exercise for golfers?
All exercise is good!

What’s the most important asset of a good caddy for you?
Keep up, shut up!

Sporting hero?
Rafael Nadal.

Soccer or Rugby?
Tough one but i’ll have to say rugby.

My son is 6 and golf mad, should he work technique or smashing it ???
Smashing it!

What’s life like behind the lens? Do you enjoy the exposure you get?
You have to enjoy it!

Best chat up line ???
Don’t have/need one!

@BrianODriscol What a cop out answer!!!
Hows the jaw/cheekbone drico?

Xbox or PS3

J.S Park on the side or Obertan if u were manager?
J.S Park! Love his work rate!

Do you have a favorite tv/radio show you like to keep up with?
Cool FM back home.

Funniest thing you heard a spectator shout during a round?!
He’s got more hair than you! Directed at Stewart Cink.

If you putted left-handed for a whole round how different would your score be?
Better probably!!

Best Ulster rugby player in your opinion?
They’re all legends!

Any chance you coming to oz soon?!
Hopefully! I love it down there!

Who u voting for in sports personality of the year?

Do you play with a swing thought or just lash it out there hard?
Bit of both i think!

Next British player to win major??
Me hopefully!!

Northern Ireland winning the World Cup or United winning a Quadruple?
N.I world cup win!!

How many hole in 1’s? Age when you had your first?
7 in all, first at 8 years old

Royal County Down or Portrush ??
Portrush for enjoyment, County Down for a challenge!

Best singer in ryder cup team?
Martin Kaymer! Voice of an angel! Haha

Ski or Snowboard?

Your worst putt? Or need I ask.
Ask David Howell!!

First tee of first major. Cacking it much??
Haha! If leading, yes!!

What hole do you like best on your home course Holywood?
6th hole.

Do you support any other football teams apart from United?
Northern Ireland.

Best swing thought?
Hole it!
What’s it like playing with these guys you grew up watching??
Very cool! Living my dream!

Poults check or Westy’s cream trousers???
Poults check every time!

Was the 5 iron at quail hollow the best shot you’ve ever hit? Looked perfect on TV.
Pretty close!

Box or beach club?

Who is your favourite band?

Is it true you have your own golf course in your back garden?
A work in progress!

Worst dancer of the Ryder cup boys?
Probably me!!

Is the Titleist 910 the nuts?
Best driver ive ever hit!

Titleist cb’s or mb’s??? I cant decide!!!!

What was ur handicap when you were 16/17?

Best friend on tour?

What is your favourite film?
Batman dark knight

Most embarrassing tune on your iPod?
S club 7 haha

You’re on a plane loads - what do you do; dvd, ipod, book, ipad???
Books and sleep!

Best car youve driven??
Audi RS6, all round great car!

What’s your favorite american made anything? Tv show, food, car. Etc
Right turns on red lights! Love that!

Last shank?
3rd round 1st hole HSBC in china 3 weeks ago!!

Who is your favourite Man United player, and why? Past+present!
Past….. George best! Present… Patrice Evra.

Biggest messer in the locker room?

Who do you like more, poults or westwood!? Haha
You mean sparrow legs?? Haha

Where you gonna start next season?
Abu Dhabi.

Do you have a diamond encrusted lucky ball marker like @ianjamespoulter?
Thankfully not!

Favourite hole at Lough Erne?

How do you celebrate after a win?
Get drunk!! Haha

If you could have any celebrity/sportsman/famous person on your dinner table, who would it be?
Rafa Nadal

Rory in Nandos, Belfast with mates. Left to eat or keen enough for pics/autographs??
Autographs after chicken! Lol

Rory mac or windows??

Rory out of the walker cup team you played in 2007, why have you been the most successful?
Not sure, luck maybe?

How did you manage to get soo good? Like what’s the fcken secret?
No secret! Hard work!

Cutest golfer on the LPGA?

Why u will not play next year in the PGA Tour?
I will play, just not 15 events to be a member.

Have you ever been carded in restaurants & pubs in the US?
All the time!

What’s the best thing about twitter??
Interaction with fans and banter with the boys!

Rory, do you like scousers??
Love Liverpool! Just not the football team!