McDowell misses the cut on Entourage

Graeme McDowell is gutted that he’s missed the cut on his Hollywood debut.

The Ulsterman made a cameo appearance in the hit TV show Entourage just days after his US Open win at Pebble Beach.

But his acting debut was cut from the season-ending episode of the HBO hit series.

McDowell confessed: “I am  going to have to admit it. I ended up on the editing room floor. Bummer.

“I must get the finished scene. It would be great to get that for my website even though I didn’t make the cut. My Hollywood career is over.”

McDowell heard the bad news in a call from from the show’s producer though he’s still hoping for a second chance.

He explained: “The producer Doug Ellin called me and said that it was such a last minute thing and the episode was such a serious episode that my scene didn’t make it.

“But he said they’d love to have me on next season and write me into a proper role.”