No disrespect to the Irish PGA but Padraig Harrington has decided that it’s time to win again.

Padraig Harrington was in fine form at his Boston press conference.Thirteen months after he lifted the Wanamaker Trophy, he knows that he only has three more chances to get something positive out of his PGA Tour season.

“I'm running out of time in terms of this year, and maybe that's a little bit why I played better the last couple of weeks,” Harrington said in Boston, where he is one of the favourites to win the second leg of the FedEx Cup play-offs, the Deutsche Bank Championship.

“I've only got three more weeks to do anything this year. So there is a little bit of urgency in my game at the moment, and certainly that's helped me play a bit better of late. But my focus at the start of the year and through the main part of the year was firmly on trying to figure something out.”

Harrington has made no secret of the fact that he hasn’t done any reconstructing of his swing this year. His efforts to work a new move into his game did not go as planned, dragged on way too long and resulted in months of erratic play. 

“My focus at the start of the year and through the main part of the year was firmly on trying to figure something out,” he said. “I'm glad I did it. I have figured it out. Not that I have put it into my swing or have it automatic in my swing or anything like that, but I've certainly got to the bottom of the problem, and sometimes it takes a lot of pain to do that.”

Harrington missed the cut in Boston last year, following a 75 with a 65. He was exhausted then. This year he’s got his tail up. 

“Hopefully this year I'm in a good position, and I'm keen for results at the moment obviously, and this would be a good week to have a win.”

Asked about the knock-on effect of the blowouts in the Bridgestone and the US PGA, he repeated his mantra that getting into the mix and then putting your neck on the line is all that matters. 

“I totally understand that these things happen in the game, and some days you'll get the breaks and some days you won't get the breaks, and some days you'll look like a fool out there, and some days you'll look like a hero. You've got to accept that over the course of time it evens out. 

“I believe I'm a lucky golfer, I certainly don't believe I'm an unlucky golfer or anything like that. I believe I can make things happen, as well, at the right time. 

“The last couple of weeks are just put into the memory bank as the ones where it didn't work, and just waiting for the ones where it does come off. It's kind of one of those things; you just put it into, it will all work out eventually."