Golf fitness the Cannon way

Remember Cannon, the chubby TV detective from the 1970s? He's definitely not to be confused with Dubliner Robbie Cannon, the recently crowned South of Ireland champion.

Superfit does not come close to describing how the Laytown and Bettystown/Balbriggan player will become when he has perfected his stringent workout routine.

Check out his blog here and discover what it takes to become a golfing athlete.

My name is Robbie Cannon. I am here today speaking in the aftermath of my first major championship win the South of Ireland Golf Championship in Lahinch Co.Clare. I feel all my hard work in the gym and on the practice ground has been rewarded andalso that this is only the start of bigger and better things to come. I will be describing what im doing at the moment, what i have done and what i plan to do in the future. We are working towards a leaner, stronger and fitter body,a true athletic sporting physique. In my opinion if im to be as good as i can be i can have no fitness or mobility limitations as well as having a lean muscular athletic body. In the coming months i am undergoing a new programme to reduce my bodyfat and add definition to my body as well as working on a couple of mobility issues that will increase power in my golf swing and improve my ball striking. I will be posting regular pictures and measurements as well as updates on my workouts and diet and practice sessions on the golf course. I hope this will be of interest to you.