Rory McIlroy has been busy moving into his €2m plus home near Belfast following his third place finish in the US PGA.

He's also managed to slice open a finger, as he explained in his blog:

I haven’t done much on the golf front of late because in the process of moving houseI managed to slice a chunk out of my finger, third one on the left hand. I was getting my keys out of my pocket to slice open a box but sliced my finger instead! Anyway the good news is that it’s healing well and I’ve been out practicing today and it feels fine.

McIlroy's pad is truly enormous by Irish standards, approximately 6,000 sq ft on 14 acres of lawns, paddocks and woodland.

It has a home office, self contained guest accommodation, limestone and solid oak flooring, a Bose multi room audio surround sound system, mood lighting, CCTV surveillance and a wind turbine electric generator which produces approximately 50 percent of the annual electrical requirement.