Padraig Harrington paid a massive price for his quintuple bogey eight on the par-three eighth at Hazeltine National Golf Club on Sunday.

Looking at the hole profile on the PGA Championship website, it was an accident waiting to happen:

Looking at the yardage, this might appear to be a relatively easy hole for the best players in the world. The small green encircled by water and sand is anything but easy. In championship after championship at Hazeltine, the winners have made par at this hole and moved on. Those who try to play it more aggressively, especially when the hole is cut in the narrow front portion of the green, are usually penalized.


At the end of the week, it ranked as the seventh toughest hole with a scoring average of 3.22

Birdie / Bogey Streaks

EAGLES Eagles 0 0 0 0 0
BIRDIES Birdies 12 11 9 5 37
PARS Pars 113 101 60 48 322
BOGEYS Bogeys 22 34 8 20 84
DBL BOGEYSDouble Bogeys 8 7 3 4 22
DBL BOGEYS + Double Bogeys + 1 1 0 2 4