Dottie advises Harrington on swing slump

Renowned hot-head Dottie Pepper reckons Padraig Harrington has fallen into the trap of "trying to improve technique to fix something that isn't broken."

Could Harrington be about to experience the Chokin' Freakin' Dog Effect?

Writing at, Pepper says: "Major championship titles should come with a warning label: THIS IS NOT A LICENSE TO CHANGE YOUR SWING."

During the 2007 Solheim Cup in Sweden, Pepper made what she mistakenly thought was an off-air comment, accusing the American side of playing like "Chokin' freakin' dogs." 

It didn't go down well.

"It was hurtful, very, very hurtful to all of us on the team," said assistant captain Beth Daniel. "Dottie's been there. She knows what it's like. Even if she said it off the air, it was ill-spirited."

The Americans went on to win 16-12.