From Brian Keogh in Augusta

Padraig Harrington's former caddie believes Augusta is right up the Dubliner's street.

Ulsterman Dave McNeilly, who caddied five times for Harrington in the Masters, is convinced that he will be a major factor on Sunday night because of his mental strength and his brilliant short game.

Caddying this week for Spanish mega-hitter Alvaro Quiros, McNeilly said: "Padraig's definitely a man for the big occasion and this is right up his alley, right up his street.

"The way the golf course is playing, you must have  a good short game because you are going to miss greens. You hit good shot onto the greens and you are going to have really tough putts. There is no better man for that than Padraig.

"He is a guy for the occasion, isn't he. The thing about Padraig is, half the field are beat here because the golf course is very unfair.

"You see some great shots heading for where you think you would want them to be yet they hit a slope and kick 50 feet away. That is just bread and putter for Padraig. He just gets on with that.

"It is not what happens. It is how you handle it and I think he has got a great chance, I really do."

According to McNeilly, Harrington's biggest problem will be dealing with the pressure surrounding his bid for the third leg of the Paddy Slam.

He said: "It depends on how much emphasis on the fact that he is the only person on the planet that can hold all four majors.

"I don't know what's going on in his head, but the only thing is that he might put too much pressure on himself thinking about the Slam.

"At the end of the day, the player who wins this tournament will have a good short game. I guarantee you that whoever wins this tournament will have a good short game."