Designed to present a challenge for even the most experienced golfer, Earth’s natural features will provide differing angles and tough perspectives from each tee. Trees and bunkers will guide the player along the course’s length, while at the same time protecting the ideal line. The meandering, occasionally daunting, water features will be an ever-present factor when lining up shots, forcing a careful drive and constant consideration of ball carry. Earth culminates with holes 15, 16, 17 and 18, described by creator Greg Norman as some of the most challenging in golf. Measuring a collective 1,702 yards, they will offer a “Golden Mile of Golf” to decide the winner of The Championship.

“I think the entire course has a great balance, but the finish will really stand out. I expect it will be considered one of the most challenging and exciting miles of golf, in terms of risk and reward. The final four [holes] will comprise a short par four, a long par four, a great par three and a medium-to-long par five, so a lot of things can happen on the home stretch. There could be a two- or three-shot swing which will cater to the best players—and of course, will be a defining moment for spectators and the television audience alike.”


  • Card of the Course
1 4 454 415
2 5 583 533
3 4 452 413
4 3 245 224
5 4 407 372
6 3 186 170
7 5 572 523
8 4 461 422
9 4 499 456
OUT 36 3859 3528
10 4 437 400
11 4 401 367
12 4 476 435
13 3 204 187
14 5 626 572
15 4 371 339
16 4 486 444
17 3 195 178
18 5 620 567
IN 36 3816 3489
TOTAL 72 7675 7017


Hole 1

“A relatively straight forward start to the Earth course. A downhill drive to a fairway which slopes from left to right. Avoiding the deep fairway bunker on the left will lead to a short to mid iron to the green. The green angles away right, with mounding supporting the front left and promoting shots aimed left of the pin.”

Hole 2

“The longest hole on the front nine should not put you off. Golfers will look to take on the fairway bunker on the right. The left hand side of the fairway feeds down to a hollow just short of the greenside bunkers however a shot here takes on the risk of the large fairway bunker stretching down the left hand side. The safe route is to favour a shot to lay up short of the left hand side fairway bunker and leave a short iron to the perched green.”

Hole 3

“An uphill tee shot across the landing area, with the big hitters rewarded with extra run down towards the green. A gentle rolling green that falls off back left and short right. If the pin is cut back left, approach shots should be aimed slightly right in order to allow for the right to left slope.”

Hole 4

“This long downhill Par 3 will play one less club than you think. A well protected green with deep bunkers surrounding short and back left of the green. Avoid these bunkers at all costs!”

Hole 5

“A slight dogleg right that climbs back up the hill through a valley. The tee shot should favour the right hand side of fairway in order to avoid an approach shot over the greenside bunkers. From the Signature tees a well struck mid to short iron second shot will set up a realistic birdie chance.”

Hole 6

“The first of the water holes playing into a cross wind, only a fully struck shot will carry the water. A large bunker protects the bailout area to the right, meaning the only line is straight at the green. A great Par 3 hole which demands your full attention.”

Hole 7

“A fantastic Par 5 with deep fairway bunkers awaiting the slightest wayward shot. Two big hits are required in order to carry onto the green. The safe option is to lay up short of the cross bunker and play a short iron onto a green which slopes from back to front.”

Hole 8

“A dogleg left back down the hill, the tee shot will be assisted from a right to left cross wind. The best line to approach the green is from the right side of the fairway. A mid to long iron shot is required to carry the mounding at the front of the green. Although no bunkers surround this green, the green is long yet narrow and is protected by undulating fall off areas.”

Hole 9

“With distance playing a big factor in this hole, only a driver from the tee will do for most golfers. The second shot is uphill and will require a long iron or even a rescue club to negotiate the two greenside bunkers. A two putt is not guaranteed as a large putting green surface awaits you. A par at this hole will feel like a birdie!”

Hole 10

“A slightly downhill tee shot to an undulating fairway made narrower by the encroaching trees. An accurate second shot is required as the green has a narrow entrance. Any aggressive approach to the back of the green must be cautious as the slope runs off back left.”

Hole 11

“An inviting tee shot should be laid up short of the two bunkers protecting the left and right hand sides of the fairway. The approach must carry the single bunker protecting the left entrance to the green. The green slopes slightly from front to back and becomes wider at the back. A definite birdie opportunity on the back nine.”

Bunkering on the 12thHole 12

“A strong Par 4 requiring two precise shots to achieve the surface of the green. Playing progressively uphill the drive must meander its way through the fairway bunkers on both sides of the landing zone. Club selection will be vital for the approach with a deep bunker awaiting the weak shot left. The green is large in size sloping slightly from back to front.”

The 13thHole 13

“A picturesque Par 3 which plays uphill to a well protected green that is wider at the front half before narrowing to the back section which has small ridge running across it. A makeable birdie opportunity hole will set up you up nicely for the final stretch.”

Hole 14

“A slightly downhill tee shot with distance being the reward. The hole doglegs slightly to the right after the landing zone. Going at the green requires a powerful hit flirting with the lake which stretches for the final 150 yards of the hole. The safe option is to lay up short left of the fairway bunkers and pitch on. A narrow entrance leads to a green sloping down towards the lake.



“I expect the “final four” to be considered one of the most challenging and exciting miles of golf, in terms of risk and reward. Comprised of a short par 4, long par 4, a great par 3 and a medium to long par 5, a lot of things can happen on the home stretch.  There could be a two or three shot swing which will cater to the best players, providing spectators and the television audience with a gripping finale to the Dubai World Championship.”


Hole 15

“This short Par 4 is the beginning of a fantastic final stretch. A straight hole played uphill, it’s nothing but risk and reward. A low attracts everything to the left of the fairway which pushes up right under the green. This tee shot has to be played to the left to get the best reward. The safety shot to follow means playing over the low area into a green that slopes away towards a deep low.”

Hole 16

“Significantly longer than the previous hole this is a dog-leg right played over a falaj to a broad fairway that slopes away from the tee and will carry the long drive further. The large lake to which the fairway slopes influences the entire fairway right up to the green. Again, a high risk shot will give you the most reward onto the green.”

The signature 17th hole of EarthHole 17

“A fantastic, but precise short Par 3. This iconic hole is a true island green. Club selection is crucial for this hole. Wind from any direction will make this very difficult with the tight island green surrounded by a selection of bunkers offering the green the maximum protection. If you’re lucky a stray shot will only find the bunkers, further misdirection will leave you wet for sure.”

Hole 18

“A long Par 5 hole to finish with water off the tee right and a falaj right at the landing area. A second shot can be played either directly towards the green or up the left, as a falaj splits the fairway in two for its entire length. Although more risk involved, the shot played right is narrower but opens up the green for approach, whereas the shot played left is easier but brings into play a large group of dangerous bunkers. The green is raised and uphill from the fairway with the falaj off to the left. A true challenge for the ultimate finale.”