Dear Vijay,

Sorry to see that you had some problems on the greens this year. I couldn’t believe you finished 167th in the putting stats.

Last year you told yourself you were the best putter in the world and lo and behold, you won the FedEx Cup. Guess that theory was only going to work for a while. Haha.

I haven’t been putting the best myself but I’m getting better. I’ve taken half a shot off my stats over the last 18 months but still haven’t managed to get down below 30 putts a round.

I had a really bad day in the first round of the Portugal Masters so I have a new theory. I am going to tell everyone what bad a putter I am and see if I get any good tips.

I tried it on Twitter today and got loads.  Look:>>>>>>>

Tell Tiger the FedEx Cup is mine next year. Lol. 

See you on the PGA Tour.