Great Scott! Adam gets Hollywood treatment

Scott looked happy to be in the sand with HudsonAdam Scott will get a grilling in Qatar this week after been snapped frolicking on a Hawaiian beach with actress Kate Hudson.

Bidding for a hat-trick of wins in the Gulf event, the 28-year-old was coy about just how close he is to Goldie Hawn's daughter.

But it certainly doesn't seem to have done his golf any harm as he closed with a 64 to finish second in the PGA Tour's Sony Open on Sunday.

Six wins both in Europe and America have not yet led to any major success for the world number 14, but he said mysteriously going into this season: "Something got me inspired to just work a little bit harder again."

Asked to elaborate Scott replied: "I'm going to keep that to myself, actually, for the moment." 

Scott and Hudson first sparked romance rumours after they were spotted dining with a group of friends at the Kapalua Resort.

Hudson and Scott on MauiAsked about his relationship with Hudson during the season-opening Mercedes-Benz Golf Championship, Scott said: "I'm not here with her but I know Kate."

Hudson, 29, was described as romantically "confused" by The Times this week.

The 29-year-old actress’ seven-year marriage to Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson ended in 2007. Since then, she has been involved with actor Owen Wilson and cyclist Lance Armstrong, among others. Romance, she admits, still baffles her. “I fall in love easily. I am a heart person,” she says. “There are people who are ruled by that force and there are head people, but that’s not me.”

Scott won the Byron Nelson Championship on the PGA Tour early last season but lost form and then ended up out of action after injuring his knee when surfing.

According to PA Sport, it was a frustrating year for the Aussie, who won Qatar with a phenomenal course record 61 in the final round 12 months ago - his second victory in two trips to the event.

He said: "I think I've done well, but I think I could have achieved more. Last year was a frustrating year for me - it was the first time in my career that I had really struggled and it wasn't even really struggling on the course.

"It was more just a bit of a struggle with everything else going on. Injury, illness, some personal stuff."

The illness was recurring tonsilitis and the "stuff" was that he broke up with his long-time girlfriend.

"It was probably the first time there was a bump in the road for me. My career had just cruised along nicely.

"It was good to learn a lot and a few things have certainly motivated me a hell of a lot more in the last couple of weeks."

Scott won That took him to fourth in the world, but after the victory in the States the second half of the season was a big disappointment and the year ended with him out of action after he dislocated his right kneecap running out of the water while surfing.

It was the sixth time he had suffered the problem.

"I just have really hyper-mobile kneecaps and obviously I have to be quite careful.

"The first time was in high school playing basketball and the problem is that there are six different surgeries they can do and a different doctor will recommend a different one. There's no foolproof fix for it.

"As long as it doesn't affect me playing golf I can get by. I don't really want to go in and have surgery and, like, change my leg if that could possibly change the way I play golf.

"So I'll try and last as long as I can without going under the knife. I haven't had a problem with surfing and that's something I love to do, but maybe I'll have to cut out things like skiing and tennis and anything that involves me running around."

After this week he is taking a month off in the hope that his knee will then be back to 100% for the countdown to the Masters in April.