Hapless Hansen suffers identity crisis

Hapless Hansen

Hapless Dane Soren Hansen has been suffering an identity crisis at the Ryder Cup.

When the squad arrived in the Virgin Atlantic departure lounge on Monday, Hansen was shocked to see his name under a giant picture of US Ryder Cup star Hunter Mahan.

Ian Poulter and Lee Westwood have been calling him "Hunter Hansen" ever since - but worse was to follow.

When the Monte Carlo resident picked up his European team bag - he saw his name had been spelt Hanson instead of Hansen.

Sam Ryder makes an appearance

Ryder Cup founder Samuel Ryder made a magical reappearance at Wednesday's Gala Dinner - 72 years after his death.

The man who dreamt up the transatlantic golfing clash appeared on stage as a hologram thanks to technology provided by London-based Digital Illusions.

Ryder walked and talked and even hit golf balls before explaining the contest's history and then introducing the teams.

He then disappeared, morphing into a giant, floating Ryder Cup trophy to a standing ovation from the crowd.

Mystery Envelope

Skipper Nick Faldo and Paul Azinger have refused to reveal who is in the dreaded Ryder Cup envelope.

Under the rules, both men have to nominate a player to sit out the singles if an opposition player is ruled out by injury or illness.

The identity of the 12th man on either side has been kept a closely guarded secret.

On Saturday night, Azinger will give his envelope to Kerry Haigh, the PGA of America's manager of tournament operations while Faldo will hand his over to David Garland, the European Tour's director of tournament operations.

Haigh said: "The envelopes won't be opened unless they're needed and after the Ryder Cup they're destroyed."

Boo adopted

American joker Boo Weekley has attracted a host of female admirers this week - including a lady reporter who offered to "adopt" him.

Weekley wowed the female reporter with his homespun comments in the media centre, who told him: "I'd like to adopt you."

Taken aback by the comment Weekley asked: "Well ma'am, where do you live?"

Hearing she was from Florida's west coast, Weekley added: "Do y'all speak English down there being so close to Cuba?"

Told the did speak English and even had alligator hunting, Weekley said: "That's different. I'm your man."

Bob a job

Padraig Harrington's coach Bob Torrance reckons the Irish ace can be Europe's Ryder Cup strongman.

But the grizzled Scot doesn't expect Harrington's frosty relationship with Sergio Garcia to have a negative effect on the team.

Out in Valhalla as official team coach, Torrance said: "Padraig has the ability to be the team leader but whether he has the ambition or wants to do that, I don't know.

"He is a great team man - you can tell that by his international matches for Ireland and his previous Ryder record.

"Padraig and Sergio are not best buddies and you could put anybody with him except Sergio Garcia."