Perry makes a bags of it

Mixed bag for Perry

Kenny Perry threatened to dock his caddie's wages after the absent-mind Fred Sander picked up the wrong clubs.

The Kentucky hero was preparing to hit his first tee shot in practice when he realised that he was rummaging through Stewart Cink's bag.

Perry revealed: "I was fumbling through my bag looking for my stuff and I said to Fred, 'We have Stewart Cink's bag.' My caddie just lost his pay for the week.'"

Sanders laughed off the mistake, explaining: "I thought we were the only ones with a bag like this."

Say Boo

Hillbilly star Boo Weekley claims that his US team uniform is the most expensive thing he's ever owned.

A fan of alligator wrestling and hunting, Weekley joked: "I can tell you right now these pants I've got on are probably the most expensive thing I've ever owned, this pair of pants.

"These things here, they felt like a pair of silk underwear when you're getting ready to go hunting. They're unreal."

Joking aside, Weekley reckons that having six rookies in the US side won't stop them unleashing the dogs of war.

On the US team being the underdog, he said: "You don't know what you've got until you get out there and play with it. It's like getting a new pack of hounds when we were growing up and going deer hunting.

"You don't know what kind of dogs you've got until you run them, so let's run them and we'll see."

Stenson hits the drums

Bleary-eyed Henrik Stenson lost none of his good humour at a 6.30 am media conference.

Asked if he had tried out the drum kit that skipper Nick Faldo has set up in the team room, Stenson quipped: "I got on it there before I came in here and played a little song and nobody really seemed to care too much."

Asked what he played, Stenson said: "I don't know, something Irish, come on, quick..."

Was it 'Seven Drunken Nights' perhaps?

Stenson smiled: "Yeah, that was it!"

Blue is the colour

European skipper Nick Faldo has scored a major victory already - with his choice of team colours.

The Europeans played for the first two days in the same shade of blue as the University of Kentucky.

The significance of the move wasn't lost on Graeme McDowell, who played college golf in Alabama.

McDowell said: "I'm aware of Kentucky Blue and University of Kentucky is a very similar blue. I don't think we're going to be able to win over the fans with a few autographs.

"If we put some blue on the board over the weekend, that might win the crowd over."