Padraig Harrington knows that he is America's most wanted man this week - but he's not even fazed.

After winning three of the last six Majors, the Dubliner admits that he has a price on his head and that every gunslinger on Paul Azinger's team will be out to shoot him down.

Harrington said: "Having won the last couple of Majors, I have a price on my head in some ways and most guys would relish the opportunity of playing against me.

"It's not something that I relish or something that I am worried about. I am neutral and all I can do is go out and play the way I always do and let them worry about it."

With Tiger Woods out of action with a knee injury, Harrington is rated the best player in the world in action at Valhalla.

But he does not believe he creates the same intimidation factor as world No 1 Woods, despite the fact that the entire American team is determined to take his scalp.

He said: "The guys who tee it up against me would believe they are in for a tough game but walking on to the tee, I don't think the guys are scared.

"I believe most guys would look forward to walking onto the tee this week and having a crack at me. But I don't think I scare too many players."

Harrington denied that he is relishing the prospect of taking on all-comers and explained that he will just go out and let his clubs do the talking, as he always does.

And despite worries about his mental fitness after his exertions this summer, he reckons the buzz of the Ryder Cup will kick in before Friday.

He said: "I pride myself on the fact that I always do the same thing whether it is the 72nd hole of a major or the 18th green in a friendly game of golf.

"So it is always about that for me - doing the same thing. I am good at doing my own thing.

"I am the leading player out there but it is not in my nature and I don't gain any confidence from that role. I like to do the same every time.

"Think the great thing is that it's the Ryder Cup. I think there will be lots of pressure, lots of nerves and lots of adrenaline come Friday morning, and that can only help me."

Skipper Nick Faldo came in for criticism earlier in the day for Sandwich-gate - when a cameraman focussed in on what looked like a list of pairings with Harrington pencilled in beside Robert Karlsson.

Faldo denied they were his foursomes partnerships and declared that he was simply getting the sandwich orders.

And Harrington has no doubt that the skipper has not shown his hand too early, explaining: "I didn't hear about Sandwich-gate but I know for a fact that he hasn't done his listings yet.

"If he did get caught with a list of names it was more than likely his pairings for Thursday than anything else.

"I am very impressed with Nick so far. He says thinks that I am thinking and I am very similar to Nick in a lot of ways. He is saying exactly what I'd be saying if I was in his position"

Faldo also suggested that there was little of seeing Harrington paired with McDowell, despite the wishes of both players.

But Harrington beamed: "I don't think anybody would take any genius to figure out that I will play with the other Irishman on the team at some stage this week. When and where that happens is not clear as of yet.

"But Graeme is playing really nice golf and I will be keen to tee it up with him at some stage and get out there and play. He's a really solid player and he looks like his mind is right and ready to go this week."

Without Darren Clarke and Colin Montgomerie in the side, Harrington has been singled out as a potential team captain.

But he shot down suggestions that he is the father figure in the team room, explaining that he has his own way of being a leader.

He said: "I lead by example.  I don't get the highs and lows that other guys get and try to keep it nice and solid.

"I don't care if I go out at No 1 or No 12 in the singles whereas Monty played vastly better at No 1 than at 12.

"It makes no difference to me. I might go out at No 1 but if there is another person there who can relish it, it would be better for them.

"There is nobody there to fill Monty's boots at this stage but there are a number of players in the team who are voicing their opinions and speaking out. So while Monty is missed, he is replaceable."