By Brian Keogh

One-handed Open champion Padraig Harrington faces another golfing challenge.

He must beat his caddie's two-handicap brother in a long-driving competition using just ONE ARM.

Harrington regularly practices with one arm and claims he can drive the ball even further that way - more than 300 yards.

San Francisco based Kit Flood, a brother of his caddie Ronan, reckons he can beat his childhood pal in a power battle.

But Harrington is confident he has the edge explaining: "“This is going to sound ridiculous, but I can hit it one handed farther than I can hit it two handed on a normal shot.

“I have a friend who I grew up playing golf with who I have an on-running competition with this year. I think he is a two handicap.

“I have a competition that I can beat him one-handed against his two hands in a long driving competition. So that just keeps me entertained.

“I have another bet with somebody that I can break 170 ball speed. I reckon that I can break 180 ball speed one-handed.

“It is just entertainment, keeping me going. But there is a little practicality behind it, working on strengthening my right side and my left side and working on the speed of my right side and left side.

“Everything has a purpose. The only time I practice anything, as silly as it may looks, is to try and improve my golf. I never waste any time. It is always about improving my golf. So I feel those one-handed shorts help me to become a better player.”