Padraig Harrington partied until four in the morning with his friends and family after his Open win.

Just as he did last year, the Dubliner drank John Smiths smooth bitter out of the Claret Jug and even managed to get some claret in there this time.

Harrington explained: "I went to the IMG House. IMG, my management company, have a hospitality house where all the players go round and eat during the week.

"I don’t know if it’s tradition now but they throw a party on Sunday night for the winner anyway.

"There was a good crowd in there last night. I think I was last out of the place at 4am so we had a very good night. A lot of friends there. It was a nice night. Not over the top. J

"John Smiths smooth bitter was the first drink we drank out of The Claret Jug again. I did empty the Claret Jug at the end of the night and there was still some claret in it at that stage. So the right drink got into it eventually."

Harrington was congratulated by phone by President Mary McAleese but did not reveal if he received a text message from Tiger Woods.

He said: "I haven’t looked at the e-mail yet. I’ve had over 100 text messages and a phone call from the President.

"I've had a few funny ones but I aint telling you those ones. I haven’t got through them all. There’s none that stand out at the moment. Well, there is one, but I’m not telling you about it."